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by lobobrandon

If you're looking for an Owl Mouse Pad, you're surely going to find plenty and I mean PLENTY! However, I've managed to list them out so that you can easily navigate and pick one...

If you've been searching for Owl Mouse Pads, I know what you've been through. There are literally thousands of designs out there. However, finding the right one in a sense of color combination, picture sense and various other factors is really challenging.

That's the reason I've come up with a list of the best Owl Mouse Pads available for sale. Note that I've only selected High Quality mouse pads, so you don't have to worry about quality.

Below I've categorized the Mouse Pads so that picking one would be made easy. So, all you need to do is jump to the category of your choice or just browse through them all - it won't take you more than 5 minutes to glance through each one on this page.

Because, you'd never know - you may land here with an intention of finding one with a blue sky back ground and there would be an even better looking one at the same price which has a neat design on another background.

Usual Owl Mouse Pads or Gel Mouse Pads

This is what you'd have to decide first

In case you haven't already decided what you want, you would first need to choose - Do you want a Usual Mouse Pad or a Gel Mouse Pad? 

In case you don't know, here's the difference:

Normal Mouse Pads are completely flat and there's no provision made for arm rest however, when it comes to Gel Mouse Pads there's a cushioning that helps support your wrist. 

How to decide?

If you're on the computer for long hours, I'd suggest the Gel Mouse pad as it helps protect the wrist, else you could opt for the usual Pad.

My favorite Gel Mouse Pads

As seen above, all of them are Gel Mouse Pads depicting Owls.

The first one is my favorite of the lot for many reasons: Neatness, Art, color choice and Genuineness. Even though it's a Owl mouse pad it doesn't focus completely on the Owl, neither does it focus on the Witch or girl; nor does it focus on the bright moon. Yet, all of them are clearly visible and distinct in their own sense. I can't see what's not there to like in it. 

The Sacred Owls Gel Mouse Pad doesn't actually depict Scared Owls according to me, but nevertheless it does make an amazing piece! 

When it comes to the third Mouse pad, the owl is almost camoflagued in the leaves, that's what I liked in it. If you look closely you can see the owl and nothing else. But, if you don't you'd see just leaves - This would surely be a great mouse pad for the home.

My Favorite Regular Mouse Pads

Everyone's got their own fancies and I'm not saying you'll love what I love. But, since I'm far better than a computer algorithm, take a look at some Owl Mouse Pads that I simply admire. It's not just a picture - it's talent!

Hope you love some of these too, if not I've categorized some more for you to check out below. If at all you love or hate any one of them, please do leave a comment as I'd then consider the future of the particular mouse pad. After all, the main aim of this article, is to help people find what they love. If any particular piece isn't doing it's job it doesn't need to remain. Because, the actual Zazzle website and a Google search too could come up with a list of anything that contains the word Owl in it. 

Family Life - If you're a person who believes in Family life, then you'd surely love the first mouse pad as it represents not just any family - but a happy family! You could gift it to your spouse as a symbol of family unity.

Cartoons and fairies - Children love cartoons and fairies and hence I've included the Pad with a girl and owl (Second and Sixth Mouse Pads). I liked it too. It's neat and the colors are well chosen. It would make a great gift to any child as well as adults. 

Owls in their natural habitat - The other three Mouse Pads just focus on Owls in their natural habitat. The third one is an actual picture of a owl, whereas the fourth is a painting of a real owl and the fifth is a kind of cartoon wherein the owl was digitally drawn.

Each of the Mouse Pads above had something special in them that made me want to add them to the list - But again, that's just my opinion. 

Blue Back Ground

Here are some Amazing Owl Mouse Pads with a Blue Background

Blue mouse pads with pictures of owls usually consists of ones that resemble the sky. I must say that there are some outstanding Mouse Pads in this category. 

If blue is your color I'm pretty sure you're going to enjoy glancing through these - Who know's, you may just love one of them.

I've done a bit of research regarding the Blue Color in general - I's effective for treatment of swelling of eyes, a few ear diseases such as eruptions in the ear, breathing infections as well as coughs and soreness of lungs. (Source)

Text and Quotes

Even though there are thousands of Mouse pads out there with quotes and sayings, just a few of them are really amazing and eye opening. When you just consider Owl Mouse Pads, the number drops even further. However, I've managed to find some Mouse Pads with brilliant quotes - some are just plain silly, but good for the house.

We all know that Owls eat mice and hence, I liked the one that says Bring on the Mouse with the beak just ready to grab the mouse that appears.

"I'd rather believet in God and be wrong, rather than not believe in Him and be wrong" - Brilliant! I loved this one and hence I've added it to the list as well. 

Black and White

If you love things in plain black and white you'd love some Black and white Mouse Pads as well. There aren't many owl black and white mouse pads that look great, hence finding these amazing ones took lots of trouble. Hope they're good enough. 

When it comes to black and white art, we give more importance towards clarity, thickness of the brush and pencil. Therefore, it takes a lot of effort to complete it perfectly. That's what makes them special. Hence, you don't find plenty of high quality Mouse Pads in Black and White. 

Vintage and Brown

If you're in search of Vintage or Brown Owl mouse pads, I guess you'd find the ones below to be quite unique and amazing. I never knew brown mouse pads could look so good!

The vintage Owl Mouse Pad looks - Vintagy! I liked the dashes of brown that made up the picture, the brush strokes are simply brilliant and neatly accomplished. I'm sure it was done on a brilliant Graphics software as it doesn't seem to be hand painted. 

The Brown Mouse Pads depicted here were well chosen, they had to contain a higher percentage of Brown and hence it was really difficult to pick. Because, most of the mouse pads only consisted of Brown Owls with different colored backgrounds and surroundings. 

So, I do hope you like the ones you see below, if not please do leave a comment. 


Green owl Mouse Pads

There were plenty of these, but not many of them were good looking. However, I've managed to pick out some of the best and I'm sure you'd agree with me on these ones. 

When it comes to Green Mouse pads, there would definitely have to be some based on green living and recycling, that's why I've added those as well.

Now that you've reached the end, I do hope you found some Mouse Pads that were meant for you. Because if you have please do leave a comment as to what helped you find the perfect one and if you didn't let me know what I could do to help you come across the Mouse Pad that you dream of. 

Which Color Did you Pick?

Each and everyone of us has a different liking and that's what makes us special. However, we're all here in search of Owl Mouse pads so let everyone know what you came here for. Did you already have a color in mind or did you arrive here with an open mind?

Which color Mouse Pad Did you have in mind when you landed on this page?

Features of the Mouse Pads Exhibited on this page

All the Mouse Pads featured on this page are products available on Zazzle. Just in case you don't know, Zazzle is a Print on Demand site wherein people like you and me post designs so that others too could buy them and they'd be able to buy one of their very own design as well. 

Features of the Mouse Pads Exhibited here

  • They are high quality - Each of these mouse pads are High quality and there are plenty of reviews to prove it. All you need to do to check them out is click on the pad that you like and scroll down to read reviews of the individual products.
  • Full Color Printing - Zazzle printing comes with the most vibrant of colors and therefore no matter what the shade is, you'll receive it as you see it.
  • The cover is dust free and stain resistant. So, you don't need to worry about spilling your coffee on the mouse pad. But, note that your mouse could get damaged if you spill directly on the mouse.
  • Non Slip surface at the back - Very often we have used mouse pads that move along with our hands - Yes, that's frustrating. Luckily these pads have a non slip surface, so it's the mouse that moves and not the pad. 
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lobobrandon on 07/20/2012

I loved the way they're made some of them are spectacular. Got some more to add when I get the time :)

katiem2 on 07/20/2012

OH My I love owls and all these amazing owl mouse pads have me wanting them all. Very nice! :)K

lobobrandon on 07/19/2012

Gel mouse pads are really comfy, I've used them before and surely can say that they're great!

dustytoes on 07/19/2012

I love those artistic owl images on the mousepads. I am wondering about the gel mousepad too. I might try it next time I need one.

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