The Best Watches for Kids

by Roohi

If you are thinking of getting a watch for you kid this Christmas or for any occasion, take a look at this collection. You will surely find something perfect for your child.

A watch has become an essential accessory not only for adults but also for kids these days. Besides this, children these days want to have everything. They want to buy a shirt that they like. They pick their own dolls. The Christmas tree should be decorated the way they like. So, of course, they would want a watch. After all, their friend wears one too!

Let's take a look at some factors that you should consider before picking a watch for your precious child. Then we will go on to look at a wonderful collection of the best watches for kids.

How to choose a watch for your kid

As a parent, you have to consider quite a few things before getting that watch for your child. You don't want to end up buying something costly because kids play, roll over in the mud, have actual fights with their friends, and so on and so forth. All this happens while the watch is ticking in their wrists. It may just stop ticking after all that. So, chances are that the watch will get lost or broken within a year (it may not last even a month though).


You also need to consider the maturity level of your child. Just because the elder one wears an analog watch, doesn't mean that you get one for the younger as well. Of course, if you are teaching your child to tell time, then an analog watch will be perfect. However, if the kid is too young, you may want to go for a digital watch.


Your child's likes and dislikes also count. Children love watches with their favorite cartoon characters or with bright colors. So, you may want to consider that and not buy something very plain and boring which your child may just throw away within a couple of days.


Also, if your child loves his watch too much, he is not going to take it off, ever! So, make sure that you get a waterproof watch. Even if he decides to take a bath with it, you won't have to worry about it too much.


So, here are a few examples of the best watches for kids. Take a look and maybe you will find something that really excites your kid, is cheap, and may just survive for some time.

Lego Kids' Make-And-Create Watch for Kids over the Age of 6

If your child or, for that matter, even you are a huge fan of lego, then this watch will be a perfect buy. The watch is ideal for kids above the age of six. It has a bright white dial and clear Arabic numerals and it is one of the best watches if you are teaching your child to tell time.


The watch has a Japanese quartz movement and mineral crystal. This means it will be accurate and durable. The watch is also water-resistant. It uses an interlocking strap with yellow, green, blue, and red links which are interchangeable.

The Timex Kids My First Pink Leather Strap Watch for your Cute Little Girl

Your baby girl does indeed look very pretty in her pink dress and is all set for the birthday party. But where is the watch? You have got to get this watch for your daughter. It is perfect for occasions where your child needs to look dressy and trendy.


It is an analog watch with a round, silver stainless steel watch case. Numerals are easy-to-read. Black baton hands and pink seconds hand are just perfect for any age. If you are 70 and like this watch, you may as well buy one for your granddaughter and one for yourself. How about that?


Another feature is the night-light. So, you want to see the time in the dark, no problem. You can easily do it here. The illumination system also uses much less battery power than other watches.

Timex Kids' T71912 Digital Camo Elastic Fabric Strap Watch

This digital watch is one of the most popular models for kids of all ages. The digital display is easily readable. You can easily make out chrono, alarm, and timer function icons. The elastic fabric strap is comfortable to wear. It is also dirt and stain resistance. The watch is water-resistant. So, your child can take a swim with the watch. The night-light makes it easy to read time in the dark as well.


Of course, what can one say about the quality of Timex. The watch will surely be durable and reliable.

Kids' 890003 Character Star Trek Digital Watch

A Star Trek fan would love this watch. This is a digital watch with a red dial. Kids will love the image of the Starship Enterprise on the dial, something for them to really show off to their friends. The strap is black and blue in color and made of nylon. It features the Star Trek insignia and has a Velcro closure for secure placement.

Timex Kids' T89022 Time Teacher Analog Flowers Elastic Fabric Strap Watch

This is another perfect watch for kids from Timex. The watch is ideal if you are teaching your child to tell time. The minute and hour hands in the watch are labeled as well as of different colors. The dial also includes the markings 'to' and 'past'. So, it makes it very easy to teach telling time to your kid. There is a small flower on the dial that moves with the hands.


The fabric strap is quite comfortable and is also dirt and stain resistance. A night-light to read in the dark and water-resistance to 30 meters are two other features which make this one as perfect for children.

A few more Kids' Watches

Take a look at a few more of these watches that you may want to pick for your child.

Take your Pick!

Of course, don't forget to browse for other watches while you are on Amazon. Keep in mind that you really don't want to spend too much money on a kid's watch, especially if he or she is less than 10 years old. So, choose wisely. For children 10 years and above, you can go for watches that offer features that they can easily understand and use as well. So, pick one from this collection of best watches for kids. You surely are going to have one happy child there!

Updated: 12/02/2012, Roohi
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