Adorn your Feet with these Beautiful Anklets

by Roohi

If you like wearing jewelry, why ignore your ankles. Consider wearing a gorgeous looking anklet to beautify your this part of your body as well.

Have you ever noticed the beautiful piece of jewelry worn by Indian women on their ankles? While in English it is referred to as anklet, ankle chain or ankle bracelet, in Hindi (Indian) it is called payal, pajeb, jhanjhar, or ghungroo. Not many Indian women wear this ornament these days. However, you won't find an Indian bride ever without this piece of jewelry on her ankles.

Different types of anklets

Most anklets worn by Indian women are made of silver. However, these can be made of gold and other metals as well. A pair of payal is bought and worn on both the ankles in India. However, anklets are often just worn on the right ankle in some communities outside India.


Anklets can be made of a single chain or by tying links in a chain. The latter can easily be adjusted depending on the size of your ankle. However, mostly anklets tend to fit one and all. You may want to consider looking if the jeweler has an option of small, medium or large.


Sometimes, small bells are attached to these ankle chains. So that when you walk, they make a tinkling sound. Have you ever seen a Bharatnatyam or Kathak dancer? These are Indian forms of dancing in which the dancer will always be wearing a broad anklet with ghungroos or ankle bells attached to it. As they move their feet, sometimes lightly and sometimes quickly, the ankle bells make a musical sound that matches the beats of the background music.

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Other additions to your anklets

These days, beaded anklets are also quite popular. You can even make one yourself by just stringing some beads into a thread and tying it around your ankles.


If you cannot think about wearing any jewelry without diamonds, then you just look around. There are anklets studded with diamonds sold these days. You can also consider gemstones or cubic zirconia or crystals as an option if you think diamonds are just too expensive. If charm bracelets are your thing, then make sure to check out charm bracelets as well. Some people even want to add a couple of initials to these anklets.

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A few more factors to consider while buying anklets

You may also want to think about how broad you want your anklet to be. Usually, women prefer wearing something that is thin and can be worn on a daily basis. Some bells can add that tinkling sound to your walk. Usually, the broad anklets are worn by brides or by dancers who practice Indian forms of dancing.


Consider the heaviness of the anklets as well. Thin, light chains are comfortable for daily wear. Broad ankle bracelets studded with heavy stones may be difficult to wear for daily use.


Ready to your anklet now? Take a look at these beautiful options available at Amazon. Don't forget to browse for other options when you visit the Amazon site unless you find something that you would like to wear on your ankles.

Get an Anklet for your Feet

So, adorn your ankles and feet with a beautiful anklet. Also make sure to wear the right kind of shoes and clothes to reveal this beautiful piece of jewelry on your ankles.

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Roohi on 10/30/2012

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katiem2 on 10/30/2012

These are all so beautiful. I enjoy wearing ankle bracelets as they are so beautiful and put a spring of joy in your step, :)K

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