Gorgeous Animal Jewelry for Women and Men

by Roohi

Check out some beautiful pieces of animal jewelry in this collection. These are perfect for any animal lover, man or woman, or even children.

What is animal jewelry? Well, if that's the question in your mind, the answer is quite simple. It is just pieces of jewelry with animal faces. So, if you love your dog, why not buy a pendant with a dog face. Or if you like those wild animals, you may want to pick a ring with a howling wolf. Does that sound exciting? If yes, then make sure to check out the below collection of animal jewelry.

What kind of animal jewelry should you buy?

That completely depends on you. You want to pick a favorite animal and choose a piece of jewelry designed using that creature. You may not be sure of what animal you would like hanging from your ears. In that case, just check the collection available and pick one that appeals the most to you.


Animal jewelry is available in different materials. So, choose the one you like. Whether it is sterling silver or gold or brass, just pick the material and buy a piece for your neck or ears or wrists.


Another thing to consider is your budget. You may want to buy an owl pendant for your seven-year-old daughter. Children play and she may just lose it. So, you may want to buy something inexpensive for her. On the other hand, you like a gorgeous koi fish bracelet. It is expensive. But you know you are going to wear it for a long time. So, just go ahead and buy it. Basically, decide your budget and pick one that is right for you.


So, let's take a look at a few pieces of animal jewelry for women as well as for men. These are perfect for children too.

Animal Necklaces

Turtle Crystal Pendant Necklace

Take a look at this gorgeous crystal necklace. This one is a turtle pendant with European crystals. It has an 18k gold finish. Very beautiful and quite inexpensive too, this one is perfect for you as well as your sweet little daughter. It might be the perfect Christmas gift for your sweet little baby.


Also, it comes in a very cute-looking turtle box.

Peacock Necklace

OK, this one is slightly expensive compared to the turtle necklace above but look at the gorgeous pendant and you will surely not be able to stop yourself.


This animal necklace is from Shameless Jewelry Animal Attraction Line. Quite a beautiful collection they have there. The peacock is plated with 22k gold. It has a turquoise Swarovski eye. The bird is painted in turquoise and green.


Men, this one could be the perfect gift for your beloved this Valentine's day!

Cute little animal pendants for your daughter

OK, your daughter would just love these. She would really look adorable with these animal pendants. Take a look.

You can get owls, dolphins, panda bears and all kinds of animals for your necklace and hang it around your neck. Just make sure to check out the rest of the options too.

Animal Rings

A ring is a perfect way to wear your favorite animal. Take a look at a couple of options right here. Don't forget, you can choose your animal and material and buy the one that you like the most. These are only two options, just to give an idea of the things you can get when you combine animals and jewelry.

Koi Fish Ring

OK, so you like sterling silver and you like fish. Then, take a look at this gorgeous looking jewelry. This koi fish ring is in sterling silver. You can order the size that fits you perfectly.

Leopard Ring

See, you can buy any animal face as your jewelry piece. This one is a leopard fashion ring. Look at the sparkling eyes of this gorgeous creature and you are sure going to fall in love with this one.


Women, this could be the ring you are looking to gift your manly man on his birthday. So, don't stop and go on and buy it. Or you may just buy it for yourself. You deserve a gift too!


Animal Ear Rings

Cloisonne earrings

Now, it is time to pick your favorite animal for your ears. Pick a cat, giraffe, leopard, owl, or any other animal of your choice. These will surely look cute hanging down your cheeks. Take a look at a couple of cloisonne earrings featuring butterflies, giraffes, tigers, and many other animals. Cloisonne is an ancient technique for decorating metal objects. This is the technique which has been used to make these animals here. It could be perfect for your little daughter or for your wife too!

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Or you could try out sterling silver stud earrings. Look at these three gorgeous examples from the Alexandria Collection. Don't forget to check out their other animal earrings as well. They have a beautiful collection of jewelry.  

Animal Bracelets

It is time now to do something for your wrists and arms. Take a look at these gorgeous animal bracelets. These could be the perfect gift for your woman this Christmas, men. So, don't wait and buy one of these for your partner who loves you as well as animals and jewelry.

Leopard Bracelet

This one is covered in rhinestone. You can wrap it around your wrist or wear it as an arm bracelet. The purple spots and the shiny eyes make the bangle look perfect as a fashion accessory.

Koala Cuff Bracelet

If you are a fan of the fast-disappearing koala, you should do something to show your commitment towards saving it. Start with buying a koala cuff bracelet. The koala on this bracelet is made of clear and crystal rhinestone. It is quite a beautiful gift for this Valentine's Day.

Splashing Mother and Baby Dolphins Bracelet

OK, this is slightly expensive but is a beautiful piece of jewelry and will look wonderful on any woman. Besides, nothing means more than the smile on the face of your beloved, right?


It features a mother and its baby dolphins. Sounds cute, right? Well, it looks adorable. It is made of sterling silver. This one is perfect for the mother of your children, men. This one could be the perfect gift for your wife or for your girlfriend on her birthday.

Animal Cufflinks for Men

Take a look at a couple of fabulous-looking animal cufflinks. 

Get your favorite piece of animal jewelry

So, is that it? Well no, just look around and you will find hundreds of options. Just take a look at Amazon.com and you will be pretty surprised at the collection available in animal jewelry. The best part is that these are quite inexpensive compared to your nearest jewelry store. You can even find these gorgeous pieces of animal bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, and ear rings at Ebay. So, look around bid and buy a piece of your favorite animal!

Bid on Ebay

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