The Christmas Sweater | A Review of the Book by Glenn Beck

by CountrySunshine

A life changing story of hope and second chances, The Christmas Sweater shows the meaning of not only Christmas, but life.

The Christmas Sweater, by Glenn Beck, is a moving tale about the spirit of Christmas. Loosely based on Beck's life, it is a story about love, faith, regret, and redemption. By the end of the book, you'll understand what is really important in life.

It's the perfect gift to share with everyone you love, not only at Christmas, but all year.

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Why Read This Book?

  1. The Christmas Sweater is easy to read, and it's a short book. If you are a fast reader, you should complete it in one sitting. Slow readers can read it in two days.
  2. It will teach you something about yourself.
  3. It will leave you with a warm feeling, and make you want to share this book with others.

About The Book

The Christmas Sweater is the story of Eddie, a 12-year old boy who lives with his widowed mom. They have little money, so his mom works several jobs to pay the bills. While she does the best she can with her meager income, Eddie is unappreciative of her efforts. He feels he deserves so much more.

Christmas is approaching, and Eddie looks forward to it with anticipation. He wants a bicycle for Christmas, and knows that somehow his mom will come through with the money.

Eddie and his mom travel to his grandparent's house, where they always spend the holidays. Eddie dearly loves his grandparents, and is excited to share Christmas with them in their home.

But on Christmas, what he got instead of the bike was a handmade sweater.

Eddie doesn’t see the hard work and love that his mom put into the making of the sweater. Instead, he sees it as an stupid, ugly present that he would never wear. He wads it up, and throws it in the corner of his room.

Ungrateful, Eddie does more than pout. He insists they leave his grandparent’s house, instead of staying to celebrate Christmas.

Sad boy in sweater
Sad boy in sweater

Bad Choices

What follows is a series of tragic events, beginning with the death of Eddie’s Mother. The Christmas Sweater becomes a story of how one bad choice can lead you down the wrong path.

Yet, in the midst of Eddie’s difficult journey from childhood to adult, along comes a mysterious neighbor named Russell, who helps Eddie weather the storm.

Do You Have Regrets?

If you could go back and change something in your life, would you do it?

The Spirit of Christmas

Forgiveness, Hope and Redemption

The outcome of this story might surprise you. What you will read is a story of forgiveness; both of Eddie’s actions, and for those he encounters along the way. It will touch your heart, and make you look at life differently. And most importantly, you’ll learn which things in life are really important.

About the Author | Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is a controversial television and radio personality, and you may not agree with his conservative politics. He can come across pretty strongly, and some people even believe he spreads conspiracy theories.

However, Glenn Beck is also an author. He has written many books, and not all are political. The Christmas Sweater is one of these non-political and non-controversial books. It was #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List in 2008, and has been popular ever since.

Glenn Beck | Author of The Christmas Sweater
Glenn Beck | Author...


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CruiseReady on 11/12/2015

Yes, I will most definitely read The Christmas Sweater. I had heard of it already, but your review made me think i would really like to read it and OWN it.

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