The Easy Way to Make Your Own Steel Soccer Goals

by Mjolner

Wanting to create your own soccer goals? Here is a guide to how we created solid soccer goals out of steel without welding

Having witnessed my kids dismantle numerous variations of soccer goals over the previous years, I decided it was time to create goals from a sturdier material than PVC or the cheap options available over online shops and auction sites. The PVC soccer goals I assembled last year has not only needed emergency repairs several times as the glued joints have come apart, they also fall over easily with a well-placed fast ball striking the crossbar. It was time to enter the professional arena and create soccer goals out of steel.

Steel soccer goal
Steel soccer goal

As I do not possess any welding skills, and needed easy to create an option that could be disassembled easily for moving or storage, I had limited options. After stumbling across the Interclamp brand of slip on fittings from The Fencing Store, I decided to have a go at assembling a goal using galvanised pipe and an assortment of these galvanised iron clamps. The Interclamp fittings are extremely easy to use, and connect to the steel pipe by winding a fastening nut, with an allen key the only tool necessary for the job. This also means that they can be loosened in order to correct errors when making mistakes during assembly, or take the goal apart for storage or moving.


33mm galvanised steel pipe

I decided on the 33mm steel pipe to keep costs down, and to keep the goal as light as possible so that I could easily move it by myself when mowing the grass.

  • 2 X 90⁰ angles
  • 4 X 45⁰ angles
  • 4 X 3 way pipe connector

*Enough fittings for 1 soccer goal

I decided to make a 3 meter wide and 2 meter high soccer goal, as the kids are still not big enough to warrant a full size goal. To ensure extra stability and reduce the chance of it toppling over, I made the soccer goal to have a depth of 1.2 meters. When cutting the posts, you will need two of each length.

Fittings used
Fittings used
Images from The Fencing Store

You may want to create your own dimensions when making your own soccer goal, but for inspiration, here is the cutting list for the posts we used for making the goal:

  • 2 X 3m
  • 2 X 2m
  • 2 X 1.6m
  • 2 X 0.6m
  • 2 X 0.85m

Before cutting the last lengths for the side frames, I recommend assembling the other pieces to get a true measurement of the last length you need. Just make certain that the two opposite sites are parallel when taking the measurement.

I recommend assembling the two side frame structures first, and then add the connecting horizontal bars at the end. Assemble the two side frames on a flat surface to ensure that the frames are assembled in square.

In my experience, the assembly using the fittings was extremely easy, and I had to fend off the kids for a chance to attach a couple of fittings myself. 

Side frame of soccer goal
Side frame of soccer goal
Soccer goal assembly
Soccer goal assembly
Fastening the clamps
Fastening the clamps

For the net, we acquired some extra thick nylon bird netting. Attach the netting using a nylon string by wrapping it around the posts and through the netting, and you have built your own steel soccer goal. Cutting the posts and assembling the goal took us less than 45 minutes in total. 

Updated: 04/21/2015, Mjolner
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Josh on 03/13/2016

Are yo not forgetting 2 pipes? (120)

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