The Evil Eye

by Angel

Think before giving someone the evil eye. What might be a simple dirty look to you may be a curse to someone else. The evil eye is looked at by many cultures as a curse.

Think before giving someone the evil eye.  What might be a simple dirty look to you may be a curse to someone else.  The evil eye is looked at by many cultures as a curse.  It is a look of envy on someone else that may have something more than you, different than you, or better than you.
Many cultures believe this is a horrible thing and they may wear talismans or lucky charms to protect themselves from this look. There are many different items out there to wear or put in your home
to protect yourself from the evil eye. 

Where Is The Evil Eye Common?

The belief started back in Ancient Greece and is most common in the Middle East, Africa, Central
America, South Asia, Europe, and Mediterranean regions.  It is more common in societies where there is not as much TV.  In those places people pay more attention to and react more to real people and their reactions and facial expressions.  Here in the United States where we are always looking at TV and have the next best technology toy, we react more to what people have or what they wear, what they drive, the house they live in etc.

What Does It Mean?

The evil eye is not necessarily an intentional look.  It could be unintentional.  It doesn't matter.  Many cultures believe it can bring harm to their families, their crops, their jobs etc. and they protect themselves by wearing jewelry, talismans or having amulets in their homes to protect against it.  It said that many cultures will pin an evil eye pendant to their babies blanket to protect the baby from jealous women who most likely can not have babies or are just jealous of the baby.  It is not a good thing for a childless woman to look at your baby with the evil eye.  Some cultures will even keep the babies completely wrapped up to protect it. 


Protection From The Evil Eye

Many different pieces of jewelry are available to ward off the evil eye.  The talismans, ear rings, charm, or amulet will have an eye on it that represents the evil eye.  It is thought to reflect the gaze back onto the person.  Personal bracelets, necklaces, and any jewelry are meant to protect
the individual while there are amulets and talismans to protect the home.  Upon searching, I even found evil eye scarfs, blankets, and tiles for the home. 

Evil Eye Bracelet
Evil Eye Bracelet
Home Protection
Home Protection
Fusion Glass Amulet
Fusion Glass Amulet
Evil Eye Scarf
Evil Eye Scarf

Be Nice!

Try not to give someone the evil eye the next time you are out and about.  It might really affect
them in a negative way.  What if it makes them think there is eminent doom or scares them.  Because this is their belief.  After researching this topic I will most definitely think twice before I
roll my eyes and give a nasty look to anyone else.

More Evil Eye Protection

Updated: 12/26/2011, Angel
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Nesrina on 04/15/2013

Beautiful and mysterious line of evil eye scarves to protect you against the evil eye. Made from 100% silk chiffon or cotton. Evil eye scarf comes adorned with handmade lace lucky eye charms for stylish protection. Visit Evil Eye Store

Angel on 12/22/2011

alfredandvincent - thanks for commenting. I believe it affects the way we interact with people a lot. Or the reason we don't interact with people.

Angel on 12/22/2011

Jimmie - I think I am with you on that. I just did not realize how serious many cultures take this though. Thanks for reading and commenting. on 12/22/2011

Love your insight on how TV and the latest hot gadget is affecting the way we interact with each other. :) I somewhat agree. :)

Evil Eye Jewelry by

Jimmie on 12/22/2011

I know this goes counter to everything you're saying here, but the evil eye is my defense. As a woman, you can use the evil eye to say to men, "back off, I'm not scared of you!" This is a key step in self defense -- looking a potential attacker directly in the eye with confidence. But your point is taken. Don't use the evil eye carelessly.

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