The Folklore, Legends and Paranormal Activity of Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua, NH

by Nelda_Hoxie

From a crazed Native American medicine man to an edgy ghost biker, Glison Road Cemetery has a ghost story for everyone. It's one of New Hampshire's most popular haunted attractions

Like many other alleged hauntings in New England, the ghostly tales of Gilson Road Cemetery begin with the Native American legends and then blend in tragic tales of this country's earliest settlers. Like many ancient New England cemeteries, there is a Lady in White who appears mysteriously. A dark biker, known as the Watcher, rides by on a regular basis. His appearance is often a precursor to whispers and the paranormal light activity for which this cemetery is famous for among paranormal investigators.

Gilson Road Cemetery is located in Nashua, New Hamphire. It is on a busy street and the police do take note of people who are there, especially after dark.

Gilson Road Cemetery

Crumbling headstones create a forlorn and abandoned tone
This early American cemetery is now surrounded by new homes
This early American cemetery is now surrounded by new homes

Crazed Medicine Man

Are the hauntings the result of a psychotic Native American?

No name is ever given to the medicine man or or tribe that banished him. The legend says that Native Americans banished a crazed medicine man to the land that is now Gilson Road Cemetery. Instead of living there quietly, he lured young warriors by promising to make them stronger by using magic. Instead he killed them as sacrifices to dark gods to prolong is time on earth. The medicine man eventually died on the land. He now haunts the cemetery looking for new victims to sacrifice.

Visitors to the cemetery claim they hear warnings whispered in the wind that they have to leave or they will die. 

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Native American Warriors Reclaiming their Battleground

Native American and colonial cultures collide

There is also a rumor that involves a prolonged and violent battle between two Native American tribes. After the colonial settlers moved in and blessed the land for a cemetery, the spirits of the Native American warriors became incensed. They now roam the cemetery looking for colonists to murder. 

The Gilmore Road Cemetery is not an isolated cemetery such as the Friends Cemetery in Leicester, MA. If Native American warriors were roaming the land looking for settlers to kill, they might also consider all of the homes built near the cemetery. There are no reports that these residents are being threatened from another realm. 

This explanation is important because it is the nexus between ancient Native American folklore and today's modern ghost stories. It also brings the cultural conflict between Native Americans and the colonists into focus. 

The Speare Memorial Museum of Nashua New Hampshire

Learn the historical context of the Gilson Road Cemetery
Paranormal groups claim early residents dumped bodies in this location
Paranormal groups claim early residents dumped bodies in this location

Unmarked Graves at Gilson Road Cemetery

Murder victims or worn out headstones

The Nashua Historical Society runs a museum that is open from March through Thanksgiving weekend. Institutions such as this are the best place to attempt to find out which stories are based in fact and others which are the story of legend. The volunteers who work here spend their lives reading about the history of the area. Records that date back into the colonial period are sparse. That makes it easy for half-truths to emerge. 

There is a persistent rumor that long before Gilson Road Cemetery existed, local residents used the grounds as an illicit burying ground for murdered victims. There is no historical record in the region of gangs of thugs that wandered the countryside killing people. 

Paranormal believers site the large number of unmarked graves in the cemetery as their proof. Anyone who has spent time in ancient New England cemeteries knows that grave markers are destroyed by our harsh winters and unfortunately vandals. 

Simple Markers Show How Many Gilson Babies Died

It's believed John Gilson's wife finally died in Childbirth
Paranormal Investigators believe the ghost lights are John Gilson's Ghost
Paranormal Investigators believe the ghost lights are John Gilson's Ghost

Does the Ghost of John Gilson Roam the Cemetery

Some say he's protecting his dead children

As Native American culture fades in the region, tales of death among the newer residents begin to be used to explain the lights and mist that appear over Gilson Road cemetery. John Gilson and his wife lost many babies. Paranormal investigators now claim it is Gilson's ghost that wanders the cemetery protecting his children.

It's interesting that they don't claim the Lady in White is his wife protecting their children. During the early 1800s women didn't have many fancy dresses. When they died they were often buried in their best dress, which was usually their wedding dress. 

Anyone who visits colonial cemeteries, knows the wistful sadness of looking at the graves of babies and the women buried next to them, who died in childbirth. 

Gilson Cemetery Orbs

Most of the activity is along the back wall and just beyond it.

Massive Orb Activity

Many paranormal groups have taken pictures of these mysterious lights.

I refer to these as Unidentified Light Objects. There do seem to be a lot of them in the Gilson Road Cemetery area. They could be the spirits of Native Americans or the Gilson babies. They could also be the result of natural conditions.

The orbs have also been linked to a mysterious motorcycle rider that appears from nowhere and then disappears as he rides down the road. Obviously a biker is inspired by today's folklore and perhaps the Ghost Rider movie series. 

"I'm Dead" Said the EchoVox

The latest report from Gilson Road Cemetery

Voices from the Dead or Static

An EchoVox at Gilson Road Cemetery

Today's paranormal investigators rely less on history and folkore and more on technology. The echoVox is one of their tools. They use it to communicate with any energy in a location. This is what they heard at Gilson Road Cemetery.

How to Find Gilson Road Cemetery

Of course you should visit it!

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frankbeswick on 10/30/2014

Many people will say that there must be a rational explanation for phenomena like this, but often they confuse rationality with scientific materialism that seeks to explain all phenomena conventionally. This is an error. Rationality is a process of thinking, and it can operate with a variety of presuppositions, assumptions and information. The idea that there is only one rationality is therefore erroneous. We can therefore reason about the paranormal, and the rules for this are the same as the rules for all reasoning. Don't draw unwarranted conclusions.

Here's a thought. Scientific materialism as expounded at the enlightenment decided that matter was the only reality. This is not a fact, but a theory. How many supposedly rational people uncritically accept this presupposition? Quite a lot, I suspect.

WriterArtist on 10/30/2014

Some things like paranormal and haunted are not capable of reasoning, it sure sounds creepy and the myths make them more gruesome.

AngelaJohnson on 10/20/2014

I like walking through old cemeteries. I've seen many infant gravestones.

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