The Go Pilot Portable Urinal - Personal Potty Travel John

by katiem2

Now you can pee without ever leaving your car, stuck in traffic, no clean bathrooms around, no worries pee in your car with these handy portable urinals for men, women and children

We've all been in a situation when we were about to burst and no bathroom was nearby. The next time you need to pee and are stuck in traffic, on the road out in the middle of nowhere with no bathroom for miles simply use a portable potty. Every vehicle should have a portable potty or urinal designed for men, women and children to easily relieve their full and bursting bladder without mess or the worry of wetting yourself. This handy little device is a great piece of mind for anyone with a full bladder. How many times have you been stuck in a very uncomfortable situation with nowhere to go and no clothes to change into if need be?

Bathroom on the Go

The Easy on the Go Potty Option

The on the go potty devices available today are wonderful for anyone with a bladder and or kids. How many times have you needed to go on the go and there was no choice available other than holding it? How long can you hold it? Once you hold it while setting down standing up is the challenge. Shifting from setting to standing with a bursting bladder is next to possible without peeing on yourself. Rather a little or a lot the portable potty and urinal can save you many an embarrassing moment. You may never have to use it but it's better to have it and never use it than need it and not have it.

The Portable Potty in Disguise

The go pilot doesn't look like a portable potty.

 There's no need for embarrassment because this portable on the go potty option doesn't look like something you might use to relieve yourself. 

This option is also a great option for a germaphobe. In fact, when it comes to public bathrooms germs are a major concern of anyone germaphobe or not.  These handy dandy little portable bathrooms are a life saver in terms of going pee when the need hits while out and about. 

Avoid Dirty Public Bathroom Tiolets

Using the portable potty gives you the option to avoid setting down on or getting near a potty seat in public restrooms.

The fears and worries of using a public bathroom are valid and real.

The truth is almost everyone wants to avoid setting on a public toilet seat at all cost.

Those who have to go find themselves trying to straddle the seat standing up. But there is the splatter to freak you out just when you think you've avoided the germs. 


The Portable Potty for Women

End public restroom fears with the portable potty for women.

The portable potty urinal can be taken discreetly into a public restroom if you don't feel confident to use it in the car while in a crowded area. Simply place the personal urinal in a bag, walk into a stall and use it there where you cannot be seen all the while avoiding any contact with the toilet seat. When available use the handicap stall for more room .

The Travel John

The travel john to potty on the go when you have got to pee and can not hold it.

Why hold it? We all know it's not good for us to hold it too long so the travel john or portable potty is a must. This portable John is easy for men, women and children and disposable. Simply use and discard. These handy dandy bathroom miracles are a must have for every family and every vehicle  You can stow these away anywhere due to their compact size and convenience the travel john can be taken on a bike, motor bike, moped and any other means of transportation even on foot. 

Would You Use the Portable Potty?

Updated: 04/01/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 03/18/2017

DerdriuMarriner, It is something everyone wishes they had from time to time especially if you travel and are concerned about germs in public bathrooms or just don't like stopping to insure you make the best drive time.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/10/2017

katiem2, Thank you for all the funny images that this very practical product line calls up!

katiem2 on 06/02/2013

zedpower, This is how they seem to be marketing it and yet imaginations will no doubt find a multitude of ways to utilize this product.

katiem2 on 05/16/2013

PeggyHazelwood, Yes a very handy toilet option to have on hand just in case.

PeggyHazelwood on 05/15/2013

Wow, very interesting! I'm a frequent go-er so this would be handy when driving, though I'm not sure I could actually use it then! Great to know these exist, for sure!

katiem2 on 04/12/2013

cherylone, It makes one wonder what will they think of next....portable potties are very handy to have around, you never know when you just might need it.

cherylone on 04/12/2013

Wow, great article. I never knew these things existed. Thanks for sharing. And the answer to your questions above--YES, and, well, sometimes we have to use the nature trail, and hide behind a tree.......

katiem2 on 04/10/2013

TedWritesStuff, Good point and those that have a toilet are typically so SCARY, yikes what lurks in there?

TedWritesStuff on 04/09/2013

This is a brilliant idea. Even on a bus that doesn't have a toilet. Hide under a blanket and ahhhhhhh ;-)

katiem2 on 04/01/2013

Brenda, We do indeed. When my kids were little and the germaphobe in me did not want them to use public restrooms I carried a potty seat in our van. It came in handy and I knew it was spotless and free of germs...

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