The Greatest States of America Game and Book

by landocheese

Learning about the states of America can be great fun if a kid has the right tools, and this game and accompanying book about the states of America are a great place to start.

The States of America Come to Life

Every kid should know about the states of America, not only what the state names are but where they are located. However, studying a map may not be quite enough fun for the average kid out there. They want to have a little fun. Lucky for them, there is a fabulous states of America game that will let them learn while playing a game. For the readers, there is a corresponding book that is just as much fun.

The States of America Game

The name of the game is the Scrambled States of America. This simple game will teach the young ones all about the 50 states, while providing a little gaming action at the same time.

Players will compete to collect as many cards as they can. While doing so, they will have to note the name, capital, motto, or color of each of the states. They will also get questions on the size or location of the states during the game, so geography is covered as well.

In the game a player lays out some state cards in front of him and a different pile of cards with the riddle are turned over, one by one. With each turn the card will indicate what a player must find in his state cards to win that hand, with the winner claiming his state card that was used to answer the riddle.

The Scrambled States of America is fun for kids to play together and even young kids who know their letters and number but can't read well can participate. Mom and Dad, if you are playing you may need to take it easy, because speed is the key to winning this game, so the youngest players will need a few more seconds to find the answers to the riddles on their cards.

Examples of questions might be something like "which state is furthest west" or "which state's capital starts with an A". The players then quickly scan their state cards to find a match and whoever is first (and correct) gets to keep their card. At the end of the game players count their cards and the person with the most cards wins.

The Scrambled States of America is a fun and quick moving game. It is easy enough for a new reader but fast enough for older kids to enjoy. They may not know it, but the kids will be learning all about the states of America as they play.

Scrambled States of America Game

Gamewright The Scrambled States of America Game
$16.99  $10.0

The States of America Book

There have been lots of books, especially children's books, written over the years about the 50 states of America, but none quite like this one. Laurie Keller's Scrambled States of America is the most fun that a kid can have while learning all about the United States. This children's book is crazy, colorful, fun to read, and never gets old.

The basic story is about a lonely state, Kansas, who wishes for something new rather than just sit in the middle of the county all day long. The states, all of whom have personalities, start to talk and decide that it would be fun to switch places for a while to experience a different part of the country. They commence with the reshuffle and make a scrambled pile of states, roughly in the shape of the U.S.A.

What the states quickly find out, however, is that they are not as happy as they though they might have been in their new homes and that their home was not so bad after all. From the state that was awoken by earthquakes to the state that was suddenly too cold or too hot, to the poor state that got shipped out to where Hawaii was and was lonely, they all realized that they belonged back home.

Like all Laurie Keller illustrated books for children the Scrambled States of America is an instant classic and if you have not read her books you really should check them out. They are known for their very fun art and multiple side comments on every page, so if you want to get the kids to bed you can read the main story but if you're in for the long haul you can read every word on every page. Doing so will make this a long read and the kids will love it.

Children will learn about the states and the United States geography while reading the book, but they will remember the story line as well. The Scrambled States of America is a great states of America book for kids.

Scrambled States of America Book

The Scrambled States of America
$19.99  $12.0

One or Both?

If you are looking for a states of America book or game, you just can't go wrong with The Scrambled States of America in either form. They are complementary but quite different at the same time, so owning both is certainly not redundant.

Whichever you choose, or if you choose both, you will be happy with your new states of America book or game.

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landocheese on 10/05/2011

Thanks for the comment. I agree. I have been to Europe but still get confused about all of the countries in the east. Perhaps Laurie Keller will someday write a book about that!

mivvy on 10/05/2011

Learning about the states of America is not only for children also for Europeans. I know where all European countries are, but not all American states (the same for the countries in Africa, I know the name, but not exactly where they are)

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