The Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System

by sciencestudent

A first look at what the No-Touch Kitchen System promises

Have you ever had your hands covered in dough and tried to pour soap so you can clean them? My wife and I tend to holler for the other one whenever we find ourselves in that situation so he can get someone to pour the soap.

Lysol not only answers that need, it also aims to make a cleaner kitchen more fun and easy.

A Cleaner Home

Lysol has traditionally focused on antibacterial products for the home that can protect your family from the cold and flu bugs that are always so prevalent.  And when it comes to disinfectants for virtually any surface, Lysol really has their bases covered, so to speak. 

However, their foray into the kitchen with their own kitchen soap product is quite novel.  Not only have they created their own soap product, they have created a hands-free dispenser to go with it, further helping to reduce the spread of germs.

Think About It...

What is the grimiest surface in your household?

Quite likely, its the pump handle on your soap... 

The Lysol No-Touch Soap Dispenser

Lysol has already developed the no-touch system for the bathroom counter.  These no-touch systems are not only effective because they help stop the spread of germs by touch, but also because kids (and adults!) love using them!

Kitchen Gadget For Soap

To use the Lysol Dispenser, you simply put your hand or sponge under the spigot, and it automatically dispenses the soap for you.  It is a concentrated amount of soap, so one squirt can go a long way.

People who have tried the dispenser caution against using it primarily has a soap dispenser for hands as it tends to try out your hands like any other dish soap will. 

 I think if you have a large family, this dispenser will just be frustrating.  Having come from a large family myself, I can't see how it would be anything but frustrating. 

But now that its just the two of us, it makes a lot of sense.  

Claims To Be A Better Detergent

Lysol has some really good commercials for their product that shows how their new hands-free soap dispenser works.  Also of note is their demonstration about how their soap is more effective then one of the leading brands.

The trick with a concentrated soap is making sure that you don't overuse it so that any is wasted.

Hopefully by using a measured dispense amount each time, the Lysol Soap dispenser will help avoid this problem.

Lysol Commercial

A Couple Of Important Points

The Lysol No Touch Kitchen System requires 3 AA batteries   You also have to use their refill packs which are 8.5 ounces each and are sold in 2-pack quantities. 

Right now, you can buy those refill packs at for about $7


The Lysol No-Touch Kitchen system may not be right for every kitchen.  However, I think the kitchens that do try it, may be pleasantly surprised.

Updated: 03/28/2012, sciencestudent
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