The Paranormal Society of New Orleans Investigates the Lady in Black Ghost

by Nelda_Hoxie

This mysterious woman pulls people out of bed and breaks glass windows. She also wreaks havoc with ghost hunting equipment.

Chris Melancon, the founder of the Paranormal Society of New Orleans, led a team of ghost hunters into a deserted home in Hammond Louisiana, in August 2013. Terrified residents reported that the spirit of a lady dressed in black would pull them off of their beds in the middle of the night. Scratches appeared on their legs where she touched them. One angry resident responded to her actions by telling her to do what she needed to do - she broke a window in back of him. People report hearing voices and seeing shadow people. The house is now abandoned and has no electricity.

The PSNO ghost hunters used the standard ghost hunting equipment to communicate with the spirits in the house. While they were in the field, some of their supporters prayed for their safety and others pictured them safe in white light. Everyone waited for their updates on their Facebook page. Welcome to ghost hunting in the 21st Century.

Members of the Paranormal Society of New Orleans Prepare for an Investigation

PSNO Founder Chris Melancom is on the right
PSNO Founder Chris Melancom is on the right
Used with Permission of PSNO

The Paranormal Society of New Orleans brought a REM-Pod and K-II EMF meter with them. This piece of equipment has an antenna the emits an electro-magnetic field. Spirits or ghosts, which are also energy, can manipulate that energy to communicate with the ghost hunting team. The REM-Pod has four colored lights that can be used to confirm an intelligent presence. 

K-II EMF meter reads electromagnetic fields. Paranormal investigators believe that they can pick up spirits and ghosts by noting a change in in field activity. Since cellphones and walkie-talkies can affect this, it's important that no cellphones turned on during an investigation. It's important for ghost hunters to not hold the K-II meter while they take readings because they can unconsciously affect the readings.

You'll note in the video you'll year Melancon ask if anyone has a cellphone on and that the K-II reader is placed on the table with the REM-Pod.

Watch the Lady in Black Paranormal Investigation as It Happened

Was it a Spirit Making the REM-POD and K2-EMF Meter Go Crazy?

Investigating the Lady in Black

PSNO Ghost Hunters Investigate to Confirm Activity and Not to Remove Spirit

The Paranormal Society of New Orleans team descend into the basement of the abandoned building they are accompanied by one of the owners, who is a former occupant. Melancon immediately notices a sandy rasping sound from the equipment, which makes him ask, "Are there any spirits in this house that would like to communicate with us?" Team members report they hear a woman say yes. They also hear a yes response to the question, "Are you a female."

There is no immediate answer to Melancon's question ,"Are you mad that we're in your house right now?" Today's paranormal investigators work to confirm and understand activity. Most of them do not interfere with the right of a spirit to be there. 

When Melancon moves the investigation into another room, the homeowner tells him that's where two people (an aunt and uncle died). The paranormal activity escalates with the team hearing a woman's voice. The bring a recorder and ask "Did you drag someone out of their bed?" The answer is yes. They've found the Lady in Black.

Where is Hammond, Louisiana?

Hammond is Northwest of New Orleans

Six Spirits Keep the Paranormal Investigators Busy

Now that Melancon has the Lady in Black, he surprised me when he asked, "How many spirits are here?" I was even more surprised when the answer was six. This is becoming a very active paranormal investigation. These New Orleans ghost hunters are non-plussed by all of it, they just keep on looking at the equipment and asking questions.

When they investigate another room, the REM-Pod activity picks up dramatically. As both devices light up, Melancon chastises spirit, "What are you doing to my stuff? You don't have to pay for this I do!" Later in the Facebook discussion a commentator takes him to task. She reminded him that he was invading the ghost's space and didn't really have a right to behave that way.

This is a significant change in behavior from paranormal investigators who identified and then attempted to force spirit to leave. These functions are now split. Homeowner may have to turn to mediums and other investigations who essentially perform exorcisms. 

How to Contact the Paranormal Society of New Orleans

Get Free Help if You are Being Haunted

Click Here to visit the Paranormal Society of New Orleans website.
Contact them for free paranormal investigations and cleansings. They will never post any information on their website or Facebook Page without your consent. If you rent property, you will need to have the written permission of the owner before they investigate.

Click Here to visit their Facebook page.
Feel free to ask them any questions. They have many interesting stories read and videos to watch.

Updated: 10/16/2014, Nelda_Hoxie
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Nelda_Hoxie on 03/28/2014

Very strange stuff. Everyone who lived in the house has moved out.

sheilamarie on 03/28/2014

Strange stuff.

Nelda_Hoxie on 03/18/2014

No they haven't. It's my understanding that she's still in the house.

JoHarrington on 03/18/2014

This was absolutely fascinating. Did you ever find out who she was?

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