The Prenuptial Agreement Debate

by katiem2

Do you believe in Prenuptial Agreements? While marriage is a traditional union between two people divorce has also become a traditional part of the marital journey.

Do you feel it's important to have a prenuptial agreement before you tie the knot making an already legally binding agreement? Marriage is after all a legal union between two as dictated by law. The threat that one could easily compromise their assets sends chills up the spines of many contemplating the commitment. Does it make sense to protect ones interest coming into a marriage that might someday end in divorce? Lets face it divorce is as common as marriage. It is for this reason prenuptial agreements have become more common place.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a written agreement between two people about to become married which protects their individual assets in case they divorce.

Often marriage ends in divorce. Divorce is just as common as is marriage. This makes marriage a risky business when it comes to holding on to ones money and belongings. The marital property and money is often divided in many states. In some cases more so if children are involved. Going through one or more divorces can leave a person, who was other wise doing very well financially, in a bind as they are ordered to divide their property and valuables. 

Many times one of the people in the marriage brings more monetary value to the partnership and is therefore left with a portion of what they've worked hard to accumulate. It is for this reason prenuptial agreements have become a popular and necessary addition to the routine wedding arrangements.

Many marriages end with alimony and other financial obligations.The prenuptial is designed to avoid unfair settlements. Today there are easy to follow guides, like those included here today, these guides simply instruct you through the process of designing your own tailor made prenuptial. This takes a great deal of stress off a marriage allowing you to simply enjoy the relationship.

Is marriage worth it, What are the benefits of marriage, any? Join the debate is marriage worth the commitment or do couples do better and enjoy more happiness living together.

Create Your Prenuptial Agreement

Just as you can create other legal contracts yourself you can do so by creating you own unique prenuptial agreement specific to your needs.

No two prenuptial agreements are the same as no two people are the same. The benefit of doing it yourself is making it more personal a thing. It becomes something between you and your fiance, a more private and trusted agreement. As you don't involve an attorney it feels more a personal choice you think you won't have to fall back on. It indicates more trust in your relationship and the out come of your marriage. You can privately have your attorney review it before and after you have your partner review and sign it. 

There really is no need for a big meeting with lawyers and such. The less said about it the better. It should not be made to be a big deal. After all is said and done you can forget about it and get on with enjoying the wedding, honeymoon and wedded bliss.

The Prenuptial Agreement Good or Bad

Which do you feel is best for the marriage?

Is a Prenuptial Necessary?

Do you feel a prenuptial agreement is important when getting married?
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Yes, I feel a prenuptial agreement is a good idea for the following reasons;
DerdriuMarriner on 08/23/2018

Ideally, prenuptial agreements make it so that everyone is taken care of so that if it turns out that "love is blind," then the prenup ain't! Also, if a couple opts for going separate ways when memories fade about who brought what into the marriage, there'll be the paper trail concentrated in the prenup.

Tolovaj on 09/27/2012

Prenuptial agreement is always good idea. It doesn't have to be always in writing, but it has to be clear 'what if'. Because in many cases it will.

teddletonmr on 09/24/2012

It can save a lot of pain and heart ache. I wouldn't be offended if my fiance asked me for a prenuptial agreement.

Scott on 09/23/2012

I've been taken before and it made me relationship commitment shy. I ended up paying a lot of money to a woman I was only married to for a few years. We separated in just a few months. She was a sociopath. They are out there, one in every 25 people are sociopaths types. There is no curing them and they are flat out to take anyone and everyone in their path. They are great actors, as they don't know how to be like other normal humans they learn to fake it and become great actors. Anyway I married again, she's a great person and has proven herself to be real, honest and truly loves me. It's sad but we do live with the flinch knee jerk reaction developed over time and relationships that are bad.

Pinkchic18 on 09/17/2012

I think it's a case-by-case deal, but unfortunately it's hard to trust anyone 100% these days. You don't want to be on the losing end of something.

BrendaReeves on 09/17/2012

It's unfortunate that we need it, but it's wise to do so if you have assets going into the marriage. If you both have nothing, you don't need it.

Updated: 09/17/2012, katiem2
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The Prenuptial Agreement Debate Chat

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katiem2 on 09/27/2012

Tolovaj, That is so true

Tolovaj on 09/27/2012

I have seen some cases without prenuptial agreements and they always turned bad. So I support it.

katiem2 on 09/24/2012

Mike, I think you make a good point.

Scott, Thanks for sharing your experiences with prenupts

teddletonmr on 09/24/2012

Such an arrangement could save a marriage (one party) a lot of heart ache and loss if it all goes south.

Scott on 09/23/2012

Another great article Katie. I believe in prenuptial agreements. I have one my second go around. I did as you describe and or advised. I created it with my fiance, had my lawyer review it privately counseling me and then my partner and I signed it, I dropped it off at my lawyers office and he completed the process. Although you don't have to do that. I have friends who've done it on the cheap using the do it yourself prenuptial agreements. My lawyer advised those are also legal and binding, you should be careful to deposit them in a safe because if one of the parties destroys it you have no leg to stand on. You should make certain it is filed away safely away from your home in a bank safe deposit box, I opted to use my attorneys services to be on the safe side as I was taken really badly in my first marriage. Most of us don't think it can happen to us, we think we are smart and together people. BUT there are real cold calculating sick people out there who can appear amazingly normal and in fact as if to be the perfect catch until you're married and then OMG look out. Better to be safe than sorry. A real narcissistic person will most likely walk away from the relationship once you tell them you want a prenuptial agreement whereas a honest good person won't be offended by it. You never cease to amazing me katiem2! Thanks, Scott

katiem2 on 09/22/2012

2uesday, Good point, I too feel a prenuptial takes the pressure off.

katiem2 on 09/17/2012

Pinkchic, You make a very good point, gold diggers are hot on the trail of stars and athletes.

Pinkchic18 on 09/17/2012

Very nice article here. I've always been on the fence about prenups. My hubby and I never did one, neither of us has very much (or anything to lose) really so it didn't matter. But I can see why athletes or celebrities do it, because it's tough to trust anyone when people are just out for the money. Sad but true.

katiem2 on 09/17/2012

Good to here from you both Arlene and Brenda, You both make good points. It seems a good idea to have some balance and control in case the marriage falls apart. Those bad apples put up a good act till they get what they want. I guess one bad apple certainly can spoil a marriage. A prenuptial marriage may be a good way to prevent bad marriages from ever happening.

BrendaReeves on 09/17/2012

I left my ex with most of the assets. I'm like Arlene. I just wanted to cut loose the misery. I have no regrets. He got to keep more, but lost his children. They don't speak to him, because he was so abusive. I have the respect and love of my children and we have a relationship. That's priceless in my book.

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