The Problem With Wizzley and Amazon Associates

by TheWritingCowboy

Does Amazon Associates truly work with Wizzley? Can you earn? Maybe not!

I’ve been with Wizzley for a few months now and I recently came to wonder how, or if Wizzley really works with Amazon Associates. The answer I found – and I’m more than willing to be corrected on this if anyone would care to do so – is that it doesn’t work at all.
Here’s my story: A few weeks ago I was checking my Wizzley statistics page and viewed my module clicks. Seeing a few clicks on the Amazon ads posted I thought “good, now I’ll be getting a few cents from Amazon.” It seemed to be working just as Wizzley said it would.

However, recently things came to a screeching halt when Amazon sent me an email saying they were worried about the fact that I had no referrals, clicks or sales on Amazon Associates as their membership agreement required. That’s odd, I thought, I’m seeing clicks on Wizzley, so why aren’t they being converted to views on Amazon? Could Amazon be referring to actual sales? I wrote them and said I didn’t understand how I could be held accountable for sales since there was no way I could force anyone to buy a product. Further I wasn’t responsible for placing the Amazon ads in my Wizzley articles, Wizzley did all of that.

I was really curious about what was going on. I even sent Amazon a link to one of my posted Wizzley articles and asked what they thought the problem could be. Beck E. of Amazon replied:

“I have reviewed the Associates link on the web page, and I have found that the link is not formatted correctly. Therefore, we are unable to track any activity and sales placed via this link.”

Huh? Since I’m not responsible for the formatting, I emailed back, how could I make a correction? I even posted the problem in the Wizzley Forum – but there was no response. At the same time Amazon suggested I “rebuild the link,” which I didn’t understand because, again, I’m not responsible for building links – Wizzley does that (or so I thought).

I continued my correspondence with Amazon and to their credit they tried to help, but eventually they sent the following, very final, message from Michelle S.:

“I understand the website you applied with, is being hosted by Wizzley and that they add links to your site. I've looked over your website, and it appears it was created as a generic shopping site. This type of site does not meet the criteria for acceptance into Amazon Associates, or provide added value to a visitor of the site. [Underline my own]

“Unfortunately, at this time we're not accepting sites that have only products on them. The reason for this is that as a part of our criteria for membership, your site has to be established with enough unique content to make it of value to customers. If someone wants to see a list of products, they're generally going to go directly to

“What we suggest is making a site that contains unique and original content. A good way to start is to figure out what you're passionate about, or what you can talk about with expertise. After all, it's your input on the products you're recommending that's going to drive traffic to your site. You know your visitors best, which places you in the best position to choose specific items to feature. Making regular recommendations that fit well with your Web site's subject matter can help to increase return traffic.

“We’ve determined that we're not able to approve your application to become an Amazon Associate based on the site that [you] have applied with.

“Because this decision is final, further requests to review your application will not receive a response.”

 That was the last word from Amazon. So, it seems that my inquiries have led to my being bumped off Amazon Associates. More importantly for other Wizzley members is the question: What’s going on here? If Amazon is saying they don’t accept what Wizzley is doing and isn’t seeing any clicks or purchases, how is Wizzley accounting for all of this? How are any readers making money on Wizzley, at least through Amazon (which I assumed would be one of the biggest revenue generators)?

I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but something smells about all this and I’m more than frustrated – particular with the silence I’ve gotten from Wizzley when I’ve inquired about this.

I’d like to continue writing for Wizzley, but I’m skeptical that I’m wasting my time (yes, I like to write, but the promise was there were earnings to be had here as well, right?). So, until I get a very good explanation and some corrective action I think I’ll just stand on the sidelines and consider where my writing efforts can be best applied.

Updated: 11/03/2014, TheWritingCowboy
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blackspanielgallery on 07/09/2015

If you had Amazon links somewhere else as well you might have gotten enough traffic for them. Getting sales can be slow at first. But, I believe Amazon cannot be your only links. I also use the ebay and the Zazzle modules, but not o every article. I use what is appropriate for the article.

TheWritingCowboy on 11/15/2014

Thanks, but i did go to Amazon to check for clicks - that's what started this whole mess. Wizzley showed clicks, but Amazon did not. And I already use Viglinks.
My issue is all about the Amazon Associates and how Wizzley just doesn't seem supportive of this issue. If Amazon requires some kind of purchase activity within three months, but no clicks from Wizzley go through to Amazon it seems disingenuous for Wizzley to suggest Amazon is of any use to writers. Sure, writers who are generating a ton of articles per month, etc. But, for the the average writer it isn't going to work. Maybe using other links like viglinks will work, but that's not the issue here. It's Amazon and Wizzley that are the problem.

Rose on 11/12/2014

WritingCowboy - don't go by the information on the stats page - I believe it is corrupted by bots (the traffic figures are higher than they should be and so are the module clicks).

Instead, you should have logged into Amazon and checked if any clicks were generated there.

I'm sorry you lost your amazon account, but as others say, you can use viglinks. Remove your amazon modules and then just add a plain amazon link, and viglink will do the rest to turn it into an affiliate link.

Digby_Adams on 10/25/2014

Definitely use Viglinks. There are 35,000 merchants waiting for you to feature them. There is a world beyond Amazon. There are many ways to make money here.

TheWritingCowboy on 10/18/2014

Thanks for the advice. However, my ID is correct. It's Amazon that checked things out and said they don't find wizzley appropriate. Maybe they haven't caught on to everyone else. My bad luck for asking them the question, maybe. But, I wouldn't have had to do that if Wizzley had been more responsive and supportive of its contributors.

ologsinquito on 10/18/2014

Hi burntchestnut, I totally agree with being diversified. I'd be screaming right now if I hadn't been. You can make money on Wizzley, through a variety of ways. But I do believe it takes awhile.

AngelaJohnson on 10/18/2014

I agree with JoHarrington - check your profile and make sure your Amazon Affiliate ID is listed. You can use the Amazon module on Wizzley even if you aren't an affiliate. If someone buys something, you don't get the credit if the sale isn't associated with your ID.

I used to write on Squidoo where we didn't use an affiliate ID. Amazon sales and commissions were all handled through Squidoo. I'm glad I noticed the difference between the two sites.

If you can't join the Amazon affiliate program again, consider looking into or I belong to ShareASale, but haven't used it much yet. But I plan to because I think it's always good to diversify. I might try Viglinks some day, but not yet.

Anyway, I know you're frustrated with Amazon, but don't quit writing. And even though commissions aren't much for Adsence (or Chitika), make sure you're signed up for one of them, too. Every little bit helps.

Telesto on 10/18/2014

Actually, I'm glad you raised this, because I'm using my UK ID, and I am pretty sure that doesn't work on here... I'll try again.

Telesto on 10/18/2014

I don't think I left it three months, I think that would have thrown me into a tail spin, but I may have left it for a month. I agree, some advice from Wizzley would be useful.

TheWritingCowboy on 10/18/2014

I thought Amazon wouldn't give anyone a new account unless three months had passed? I'm still wondering how one goes about correcting the issues Amazon identified previously without getting canceled all over again. Wish Wizzley would step up and give good direction on this.

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