The Sims 3 University Life: The Effect of Herbs

by linaconlin

The Sims 3 University Life Expansion pack has many new herbs in it. Find out what effect each herb will have on your Sim.

The Sims 3 University Life expansion pack considerably expanded the scope of the base game. You can now send your Sims to Sims University, where they can get educated in different areas and go into different social groups.

These three groups are jocks, nerds and rebels. Jocks gain influence by throwing juice keggers and taking selfies, nerds gain influence by playing video games and being rude and rebels gain influence by doing graffiti on the walls and putting herbs in their food.

Other than giving your Sim a little bit of rebel influence, each herb has a different effect on your Sim's mood. Keep reading to find out what it is.

How To Get Herbs

Your Sim Can Get Herbs in a Variety of Ways

The easiest way to get herbs is to do so in the supermarket. You can simply buy them there. They are in the produce section if you are struggling to find them. Some herbs are considerably more expensive than other ones, so you may need to go looking for them. 

You can also look behind the grotto, where the rebels hang out and find a small patch of land there where they are growing. You need to make sure that it is not winter or late fall if you have Seasons on a four-season cycle at Sims University. 

Planting Your Herbs

An easy way to make a return on herbs and to make sure that your Sim does not waste money on them as a struggling college student, your Sim can plant herbs in the back garden and sell them for produce at the grocery store, use them as fertilizer or consume them in other ways. 

Some of these herbs are quite pricey, which makes it a risky investment, especially if you have seasons. However, remember that with that expansion pack you can buy planter pots in the decoration section that allow you to garden inside the home. 

The General Effect of Herbs on Sims

Each herb will affect your Sim differently. Sometimes, the effect will be negative and sometimes it will be possitive. Consuming too herbs in one day will make your Sim get 'Herb Nauseous  which will cause him or her a considerable amount of discomfort and will culminate in trying to find a bathroom or running outside during class. 


How To Take Herbs

Your Sims can take herbs in many different ways

There are many different ways in which a Sim can choose to take an herb. Your Sim may want to straight up eat the herb like the Sim in the image. 

Sim Eating Herbs in Sims 3

This isn't great because it's not particularly tasty and doing it too much may cause your Sims to feel nauseous, but it is a huge time saver for those days with classes that are only two hours apart from each other. 

Your Sim may also want to put the herb in his or her food. This is simple, all you have to do is click on a plate of food and direct your Sim to add the herb. This can add a little extra boost to meals and give you influence in the rebel social group.

Your Sim may also choose to add herbs to his or her drinks. To do this, you will need to go into build/buy mode and look for the new Quick Croissants Coffee Bar. This object allows you to brew herbs into teas and make coffee and other beverages out of beans, too. 

Each method makes a considerable difference in how long the effect lasts. Eating the herb makes it last for up to nine hours, whereas being around a bonfire has a considerably shorter lasting effect. 

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The Sims 3 University Life Herb Guide

A Quick Guide To Herbs in University Life

Lavender stops your Sim from needing to sleep. Your Sim will get a moodlet and for the duration of this moodlet will not crash. This does not mean that your Sim will not be tired, as the motive does not stop decaying, but rather that they can push on until the moodlet disappears. 

Peppermint gives your Sim the 'nice taste' moodlet. It doesn't really do anything else, but it can boost your Sim's mood and help to keep them from starving when out taking classes. 

Sweet Grass cures too many herbs. Ironically, eating this herb will make your Sim stop being sick from eating too many herbs. If your Sim has a crash moodlet, drinking sweet grass will make it go away. 

Greenleaf helps your Sim's metabolism. If your Sim needs to lose that extra bit of weight that he gained during that feast party on Snow Day, he can take Greenleaf and exercise to get back on the couch ASAP. 

Ginseng gives your Sim an energy boost. Unlike lavender, Ginseng will not make your Sim stay up all night but will give you an extra few hours to play with them before sleep. 

Wonderpetal helps your Sim in class. This herb can considerably help your Sim with his or her studies and help them ace exams. It also makes studying a breeze. 

Licorice helps your Sim stave off starvation. It decreases the rate at which the hunger motive bar goes down and keeps them fuller for longer. 

Chamomile makes outings easier and makes your Sims better with social groups. Especially handy if you have a Sim with the new 'socially awkward' trait - they will take all the help that they can get!

Buzzberry boosts your athletic skill. It is a great way to skill your Sims, especially those that are in the physical education career track. 

Bumbleleaf is the only herb that can make your Sim immune to fires. 

A Sim painting on the ground

It also makes your Sim immune to the law - so if he or she is out painting murals on the ground or tagging walls, the police won't find them. Bumbleleaf may make your pyromaniac Sims feel a bit ill!

Basil gives your Sim a chance to feel ambitious and opportunistic. He or she will excel at work and other things of this ilk.

 Cinnamon can give your Sim a boost in the romance department, putting them in the mood for romance. You can also do the Cinnamon challenge... be careful, things could go horribly wrong! 




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Sims gets more innovative by the day!

katiem2 on 05/02/2013

I enjoyed learning more about Sims, my sixteen year old daughter loves playing these games and as I try to get a handle on the details she offers little explanation. Thanks for the heads up on Sims 3 University now I'm in the know, won't my daughter be either surprised or annoyed! lol maybe both! Great article I appreciate it greatly. Welcome to the community.

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