The UK Elections

by Justanopinion

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are in power but are losing seats to Labour. What a whirlwind our elections are.

So now the nation seems to have voted against our current coalition government. And so the tide seems to sweep back in Labour's favor. How truly annoying!

It would seem as a nation we are pretty fickle.

The UK in 2010

Just two years ago we all voted in the general elections and I considered it a rather important election for a few reasons.

  • The economy was in dire straits.  Labour had been in power for a very long time, I think about 13 years and the economy seemed to be suffering as a result of some of the choices made by the labour government.  It was time for them to leave, I figured.  Gordon Brown, the prime minister at the time, seemed to be taking credit for holding us all together and keeping our economy going but I figured he could not have been that great if we were in this mess now.  What was he doing all that time when banks were lending left, right and centre?  Surely, the crash was not too much of a surprise to anyone.
  • Gordon Brown was a bit careless when talking about his constituents.Out of carelessness he manages to insult a constituent who is asking him questions that he does not like and then realises his microphone is still on!  How appaling for the Prime Minister to be caught doing that?  A bit amusing but he should know to keep his thoughts to himself when still so close to people hearing him!
    Excuse me for thinking that such a lack of care could also have been one of the reasons for the demise of our economy espeically as he was the treasurer for years preceding his accent to Prime Minister.

Fan of Gordon Brown?

  • I noticed an insidious insertion of Labour and its policies into family life and I found that to be something I could not abide.  I wish I could find the link now but I still remember the shiver I felt down my spine as one of the education minister ladies said something along the lines of 'Your children are our children'.  On the face of it, there is nothing to be worried about - the Government is going to make sure our kids are okay and keep them educated etc.  However, I am sorry but My children are MY children.  It is my responsibility to take care of them, to keep them fed, to educate them, to train them etc.  Yes, the government provides schooling, housing and child care if I want them but that never makes MY children theirs.

    The Government surely should serve the people, not take over and try to enforce their viewpoint on every single citizen.  Labour increased some family's incomes by paying them tax credits so now there is a whole range of families dependent on a benefit that has to be funded somehow, a whole range of civil service jobs created to police the doling out of the benefit.  how much money has that cost the nation?  If you really want to help families, reduce the Tax for everyone, make it worthwhile for poorer families to work and let us make our own way!  then watch and see the diference it makes to the next generation of kids to have been brought up in a family where a good work ethic was shown.

May 2012 elections

Now the coalition government have been in power for two years and are trying their utmost to reduce the nation's debt so we do not like them anymore.  The fact that it is a coalition shows that we were uncertain as a nation who to choose.  They are making cuts (Before they were elected, Mr Cameron called them '£6Bn savings') and it hurts! As a nation, we all feel the pain of it.  The fact that only 32% of UK citizens voted shows again that there is an increasing disillusionment with the political parties in power but what choice do we have?   

Even I forgot to vote!

I am disturbed however by the fact that people are voting Labour back in.  Have we all forgotten just how badly they did the last time?  They left us in this mess and if they were in power, who knows whether it would be any better.  For goodness sake, they left a note for the new Chancellor stating there was no money in the kitty! (The Indiscretion shown by Labour just increases!).  What we do not need is constant upheaval when trying to chart a course to economic recovery.

Do I agree with all the Coalition does?  No, but when it comes down to it, all I need is freedom to look after my family and leave all those politicians to talk themselves to death about things that are irrelevant to the common person.

I just wish they would reduce the Taxes.  Who thought it was a good idea to pay tax anyway?

Or maybe David Cameron is the man for you?

Only $64.99

Did you vote in both 2010 and 2012? Have you changed your vote?

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Updated: 05/04/2012, Justanopinion
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