The Ultimate Supply List for New Parents

by FrostySnowman

New parents might think they have everything they will need for their new baby but often find they still lack many things once the new baby is home. This list is meant to help.

I have tried to compile a thorough list of the items you will need for your new baby. I have some friends who are expecting their first child and they asked me what they will need. Some items on the list are not essential, but they will make life MUCH easier and eliminate frantic late night trips. Most items are fairly inexpensive and the more expensive ones can be put on a registry list, or can be mentioned to friends and family as something they can pool their resources to get. This list is just that, a list. I will write other articles to help explain the reasoning and need for some items. You will have to decide several things prior to going to the hospital. Will you breast-feed or use formula? Will you use cloth diapers or disposable? Who is the pediatrician going to be? Do you have any idea what the name will be? The most important thing to remember is that you have been given a special gift that will change your life in a way you cannot comprehend. You are going to be a parent! You will do many things in your life, but being a responsible parent is probably the most important.

The Trip Home


The hospital will provide the items you will need for your baby while you are both in the hospital. We were provided some extra diapers, alcohol wipes for treating the umbilical cord, and other small items that will get you through the first day home. There will probably be “gifts” from companies that you will be sent home with. These can include formula if you are not breast-feeding and other promotional, but useful, items. You will need car seat for the baby if you are driving. Have the nurse make sure your baby is safely in the seat. A good idea is to have the local police check that your car seat is properly installed before the big day. Studies have shown that most people install the seats incorrectly, and the police or other professionals will not mind helping out. You might want to bring an outfit to bring your baby home in. Our vet recommended bringing something with the baby’s smell (a receiving blanket, etc.) home the day before to help prepare our pets for the new arrival.


Disposable diapers

Newborn size: You will need some, but depending on your baby’s size, these might not fit for long or at all.

Size 1: These will be what you will use a ton of, either now or very soon. Plan on using 70-90 per week for the first few weeks.

Disposable wipes

Disposable wipes warmer (a luxury item)

Diaper bag

Carrying case for wipes

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Cloth diapers:


Cloth diapers: More than you think. The usage will be the same and you will need a supply while you are laundering them.

Cloth wipes: Same situation.

Disposable wipes if you choose

Wet bag to store soiled diapers in the diaper bag

Waterproof diaper covers

Pins or other diaper fastener

Diaper bag

Carrying case for wipes

Feeding Your Baby


Boppy (nursing pillow)

Breast pump

Breast milk storage and feeding set

Insulated carrying case for safely transporting milk



Bottle brush

Bottle drying rack

Burp cloth


Journal: Our pediatrician asked us to record feedings and diaper contents for the first few weeks

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Formula feeding:

Formula premixed bottles are more convenient but powdered are more economical

Measuring device



Bottle brush

Bottle drying rack


Burp cloth

Journal Our pediatrician asked us to record feedings and diaper contents for the first few weeks.

Clothing for Your Baby

Clothes that go over the head are more difficult especially the first few weeks. Snaps are easier. Ask around to see if friends or family have old outfits. Most babies get so many clothes that they rapidly outgrow them after just wearing them once or twice.


Mini sweatpants and separate tops are good to minimize irritating the umbilical cord area.


Onesies            Like a T shirt but snaps over the diaper. Have a bunch as they will get wet, soiled, spit on, and laundered.


Sleepwear        with feet attatched prevents your baby from kicking off socks



Caps                babies need these to maintain body tempeature             

Sweaters          Same reason as above. Just because you are not cold does not mean your baby isn’t

“Cute” outfits    for the big public appearances when they are a little older.

Furniture and larger items


Crib mattress



Jogging stroller

Pack and play

Sheets for pack and play

Waterproof mattress cover


Diaper pail


Baby monitor         allows you to listen and be in another room

Video baby monitor     they even come with night vision

Baby bathtub

Mobile for above crib

Changing table

Extra changing pads

Bouncy swing

Car seat one that snaps into a stroller makes life easier

Portable crib foldable

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Medicines, toiletries and accessories:

Check with your pediatrician for their recommendations. Remember when choosing your pediatrician that you will be going there with sick children so ensure the commute is something you are comfortable with.


Baby wash

Baby shampoo

Baby nail clippers         easier to cut their fast growing nails to prevent scratches

Small file

Baby Tylenol

Digital thermometer and probe covers

Baby towels and washcloths

Diaper rash cream

Baby Orajel                  for teething

Baby oil                        for cradle-cap

Baby comb and brush

Rubbing alcohol            for treating umbilical cord

Cotton balls

Petroleum jelly

Front carrier, sling, or baby backpack

Baby spoons

Plates and bowls for when eating “real food”

Board books


Teething rings               ones that can be refrigerated were our favorites

Soft blocks

Night lights                   prevent turning on bright lights to check

Mild laundry detergent

Bouncy swing

Shout or other stain remover                 for your clothes not theirs


Stuffed animals


Soothing music CD’s                useful if noisy background

Hand sanitizer               for you and anyone touching your baby

Zip lock bags                you will come up with many uses

Receiving blankets


Sun shades for car

Mirror for car               since babies sit rear-facing in the car, the mirror goes in your back window so you can see your baby using your normal rear view mirror

For the parents:

Digital camera especially with video

Baby announcements

Cute paper for baby announcements if you are doing them yourselves



Scrapbook       to save cards, letters, pictures of “first” events, etc

Journal             to keeps thoughts and funny things your baby does

Parenting books                       

Child development books        

Parenting magazines                 

Childproofing your home:

Outlet covers

Baby gates

Door latches

Toilet latches

Non-slip tub mat

Padding for sharp table edges

Doorknob guards

Stove top guards

Radiator covers

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            The most important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy your pregnancy and the birth of your baby (babies). Babies do not need many things when they are born. They eat, poop, and sleep. You will constantly check on then and worry about things, but that is because you love them and have become a parent. As they get older and have more complex needs, you will have more experience and be able to deal with these needs. Remember that you are the parent, but there are specialists for all things that will come up. Do not be afraid to ask for help, be afraid that you will not ask for help when you really need it. It is natural to be anxious about your baby. That is because you love them and have become a parent.

Updated: 10/03/2012, FrostySnowman
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