Halloween Ice Cube Trays

by FrostySnowman

These ice cube trays will heat up your party while cooling your drinks. Bats, pumpkins, fangs, and more will have people visiting the punch bowl and toasting your party!

Skull and cross bone ice cube tray
Skull and cross bone ice cube tray

If you take hosting your Halloween party seriously, you are always looking for ideas that other people won't have. You want people to talk all year about your party. You know it's the little things that will make a big difference. That is why molded ice cubes in your drinks and punch bowl are a good idea. These ice cubes will amaze your guests young and old. Whether you like skull and crossbones, bats, fangs, or even dentures these ice cubes will have people talking. These ice cubes trays are dishwasher safe and can be used for years. An advantage of ordering them from Amazon.com is that if you hit the minimum order there will be no shipping charges. This allows you to sit comfortably at home and shop for many of the items that other people won't have for their parties.

This skull and cross bone ice tray is made of plastic and is dishwasher safe. The unique ice cubes will greatly enhance drinks for young and old alike. Their shape will allow you to come up with some unique drink names. Simple fruit punch can become "Pirates Revenge" or something else.

Halloween Ice Cube Tray Fangs

Halloween Ice Cube Tray Fangs


Put a bite into your drinks with these fang ice cubes. Perfect for smaller mouths or mixed drinks. Where else can people have fangs in their Bloody Mary's?

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Wilton Bat Ice Cube Mold

Give your guests the chills with these bat cubes. Just fill, freeze and invert the silicone mold to release. Fun bat shape.


Will your "special punch" make your guests a little batty? The bat shaped ice cubes made using this tray will do their part.

You can use these molds to freeze more than water. How cool would skull shaped jello shots be? Maybe you can freeze some punch in the fang molds. Frozen dentures in your mixed drinks are always another option.

Wilton Halloween Skulls Ice Cube Mold

Give your guests the chills with these creepy cubes. Just fill, freeze and invert the silicone mold to release. Fun skull shape!

Only $20.93

How can you not have these little skull ice cubes for your drinks?

You taken the time to have unique ice cubes, why not have something special with them in? You know the punch bowl will be a gathering point for your guests. Why not consider something unique? Think about putting these frozen novelties in a punch bowl that is a special as the ice cubes. What could be better than having skulls, bats, and bones floating around in a special Halloween punch bowl?

Halloween Skull & Bones Punch Bowl with Ladle, Black and Silver

Skulls and crossbones adorn this large, gorgeous punch bowl. A silver tone ladle with a bone for a handle complete the creepy yet elegant look.


Your custom frozen ice cubes will be perfectly displayed in this beautiful punch bowl.

Glitterville HUGE Halloween Pumpkin Punch Bowl, Tray & Ladle, 3-piece Set

Limited Edition Series. "Punchy the Pumpkin Punch Bowl" from Glitterville Classic Ceramics. Create a magical Halloween table with this colorful serving bowl. 3 piece set ...


This large punch bowl set comes with ladle and tray and will have your guests amazed.

Fred Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray

Denture shaped ice cubes.

Only $8.47

This mold can be used for more than Halloween. This tray forms four frozen dentures at a time. Perfect for mixed drinks or to have floating around the punch bowl!

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FrostySnowman on 10/02/2011

I agree! My kids love them floating around in their drinks.

sandyspider on 10/01/2011

These trays would be a big party hit.

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