Theater Makeup Palette

by katiem2

Check out the five star makeup of makeup artist on Amazon. This is the perfect makeup palette for drama, theater and the fun trendy stage makeup your artist loves to create.

This is the perfect palette for creating stage and theater makeup creations and more. You can get creative with this broad color spectrum. Mixing and designing your own unique skin tones and artistic expressions become limitless with this versatile makeup collection. This is a great palette to get your feet wet. A great first time theater makeup palette for the new makeup artist or a great useful palette for the seasoned makeup artist.

The Perfect Gift for Makeup Artist

This makes for the perfect gift for any lover of the arts dabbling or seriously involved with theater, drama, dance or the arts period.

The Mehron Paradise Theater Makeup Palette is the perfect gift for the arts person in your life. This is a perfect gift for the dancer, as it creates perfect performance makeup. It is the perfect gift for the actor who enjoys doing their own makeup or perfecting it between scenes. It is perfect for the theater tech person who enjoys applying stage makeup. It is also a great contribution to your school or community theater who always need the support of art lovers. Keep the love of arts flowing, give the gift of expressive creations of the arts. 

Mehron Paradise Theater Makeup Palette

Choose from theater basic, pastel or tropical pastel color palettes

This brilliant makeup palette is a semi-soft collection that’s water activated making for a moist makeup in a convenient color palette of eight. The palette comes with one medium round brush and 8 colors. It’s available in basic, pastel or tropical pastel color palette.  

The finished makeup design washes off with soap and water.  The makeup itself includes chamomile and aloe for a safe and gentle user experience. It is safe and gentle on skin. To insure a rich and vibrant color with much needed theater saturated coverage this palette includes glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter. 

How to Apply Stage Makeup Basics

Applying stage makeup is different than routine daily makeup, learn the differences and how to apply stage makeup

How to Apply Stage Makeup

  • Start with clean skin free of oil.
  • Apply a light moisturizer, theater makeup zaps skin of its moisture and dries the skin.
  • Men should not shave for at least one hour before applying stage makeup.
  • Apply foundation a shade darker than the natural skin tone by patting on with a sponge and blend smoothly.
  • Apply a lighter foundation highlighting the cheekbones, chin and forehead adding contour and character to the face.
  • Apply a third darker shade to create or enhance receding areas including the cheekbones, sides of the temples and nose.

A Makeup Artist Theater Makeup Review

The Mehron Paradise Theater makeup palette is great for school age theater and face painting fun for kids.

I bought this for my daughter who’s been an active member of the arts and theater since kindergarten. She’s an active member of the Thespian society. She began acting and grew to an amazing makeup artist. She loved it and gives it rave reviews.  My kids get their love of theater from me; I've raised them in the theater. I found this is also a great palette for face painting. I enjoy volunteering to face paint for kids at community events. This is a great collection to do so. It makes face painting a breeze, for any of you who’ve tried to do this without a makeup artist background you know what I mean. 

Updated: 11/25/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 05/23/2013

Sharon, My daughter uses this brand, it's how i reviewed the product and put it to the test. It's a great makeup pallet and last for years.

Sharon on 05/23/2013

My daughters going to love this she is very into theater

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