Thin Skinned

by perms

I thought that I would develop a thick skinned attitude as I reached a mature age. But instead, I seem to be getting more "thin skinned" and less tolerant of others.

I have lost my tolerance for people, especially narrow minded, thoughtless, rude individuals. The older I become, the less I understand the behaviors of others. Why is everyone in such a hurry? On the road, drivers tailgate and speed. They lose all sense of safety. When did driving become a competitive sport?

Also, since the price of gasoline has risen so much, I cannot afford to drive according to other people. I have to watch my consumption of fuel. Speeding up suddenly or weaving in and out of traffic will cause my expenses (i.e, gasoline) to increase. The other driver should not only be more considerate, but not expect that others have the same income level as him. Maybe he can afford to use more gas, but I do not have the cushion in my income to pay for more gasoline. So unless you plan on paying for my next tank of gas, I will not be intimidated into changing my driving patterns.

Control Your Kids

Parents seem to be more permissive these days.  Are they too busy to discipline their children?  The kids are unruly in stores and other public places.  I have noticed them running down aisles, playing with store merchandise, yelling, screaming, demanding attention, etc.  Sometimes the parents are not even watching them.  The Mom or Dad can be in a totally different area of the store. 

Please be aware of others - some customers are elderly.  If your kid runs into them and knocks them down, how will you feel then?  It's really common sense and common courtesy.  If you can't make them behave, leave them at home with a babysitter.

I wonder if the new electronic age, has made everything too simple.  Your children are not controlled by buttons or remotes, like a computer or television.  You have to give them attention and time.   Don't expect others to do it for you.  Most of us have already been there.  Raising kids is not easy.  It's a JOB!  But it's a very important task, one that needs to be taken seriously.  I'm sorry, but I just don't have the energy to raise someone else's boys and girls.  I did it and no one helped me.  So "it's your turn, now!"

Bothered and Bewildered

The ART of Conversation

Manners have taken a back seat.  Everyone is in a hurry.  Shortcuts are being taken.  People text and email instead of calling.  I know that this is what some prefer.  But really, are we losing the art of communication?  Two simple phrases go a long way - PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

I enjoy a nice conversation with others.  There is more of a give and take.  When you see facial expressions and body language, this adds a great deal to the communication.  With texting, this is all lost.  You can't fall in love or bond with a machine like a cell phone.  Of course, some do become addicted to their texting machine.  But can this replace LOVE or FRIENDSHIP?  Never!

Am I the only one who is bothered and bewildered by all of this?


Endless teasing is a form of bullying.  Schools are not the only places where bullying occurs.  Other places include the workplace, on the road, at stores, and the home.  Playful teasing is ok if it stops at a certain point.  But excessive and ruthless belittling or threatening is taking it too far.

This bullying behavior is NEVER ok.  It is very hurtful and damaging to the targeted person.  It can have lasting emotional and physical implications.  Today people can be bullied in person, online, and thru texting.  Years ago, there was no online or texting so it was easier to remove yourself from the situation.  But now the Bully can continue to harrass the victim from afar.

If you are the victim or you know someone else being bullied, please do not ignore it.  Report to a friend, relative, or counselor.  You will be relieved that you did.  It will take some courage, but don't allow anyone to treat you or a friend that way.  Please be proactive.

Updated: 12/04/2011, perms
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perms on 11/06/2011

I understand where you are coming from. I would not advocate leaving Kids in the car, especially these days! But, in a store, the children need to be watched, too.

TerriRexson on 10/31/2011

Kids today get far more attention from their parents than we ever did when we were growing up in the 70s. They would just have left us in the car while they did the shopping!

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