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I believe that while the world overflows with grapevine gossip and media-driven inaccuracies, there are wells of truth available, if you have the right treaure map.

Time for Someone Different

Science/Medical Research, Film/Literary/Music Critic, Writer, Employment Pro, Sports Coach.

Grandmaster Patty Inglish earned the MS in Preventive Medicine, with degrees and cores in Psychology, Russian, East Asian Studies, Math/Statistics, Biofeedback, and 5 separate Martial Arts.  She has written other several websites int he US and Canada, a Las Vegas magazine, Gale publications, and other media. She is available for freelance writing in a number of topics and can be reached through her profile options. 


  • Masters of Science in Preventive Medicine
  • Bachelors' in Psychology/Russian; Minors in Mathematics/Statistics, Asian Studies, Sciences.
  • 40 years research in Native American Nations and Indigenous Peoples.    
  • Education: Employment & Training (E&T);  K-12; Curriculum Design; Vocational Counseling, Corporate Training, Train the Trainer, Focus Groups.
  • Psychological Testing and Evaluations; Health Psychology; Counseling; Pain and Stress Programs.
  • Grandmaster, 9th Dan Black Belt in 1) Ji Do Kwan Taekwondo, 2) Yudo, 3) Jujutsu, 4) Hapikido and 5) Combat Self-Defense. Curriculum and Class Design. Certification of Belt Rank and Clubs. AAU, President's Challenge, President's Active Lifestlye Awards. 
  • Volunteerism: over 10,000 hours.


  • Affiliate Member, APA
  • Armchair Interviews
  • Ji Do Kwan™ Christian Martial Arts International: USA, Africa, India, Pakistan  - Founder
  • Kids In Mind film review site for families.
  • New International jidokwan Federation - Founder
  • Nigeria Taekwondo Foundation75 - Advisor                                                                       
  • Supreme Council for Sports in Africa Zone-3, USA Representative              
  • Martial Arts at Ebonyi State University Institute of Sport Sciences events and training - Advisor and Patron.
  • Cameroon Women’s Taekwondo Team - Advisor.  
  • Cameroon Women’s Wrestling Team - Advisor. 

Topics of Interest

I enjoy writing about a number of topics:

First Nations and Native American origins in the Old World via DNA and migration research. We finally found the hard evidence that these Indigenous ancestors have lived 360° around the Arctic Circle of planet Earth, including Iceland. Side Note: The Inuit and related groups in Alaska/Canada are no longer called "Eskimo" and they do not have 100 words for snow, but they DO HAVE at least 65 WORDS for it! 

Aerospace Advances - Privatized space flight, commerical space flight, Mission to Mars, science fiction that leads to science fact; classic science fiction; and the technologies and products that arise from aerospace advances.

Health and Medicine - New advances, dispelling misinformation. Brain Research - Recovery from closed and open brain trauma; handedness; exercise and the brain; learning and learning challenges; memory; brain mapping; Alzheimers Disease; the importance of the first three months of life; other.

History - American, Indigenous, and Asian - Researching origins, correcting revisionist histories.

Employment, Training, and City Travel and Relocation Reviews

Culinary Arts

I also answer requests!

Updated: 07/03/2011, Ping
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Ping on 06/15/2015

Wizzley has many new features that are mind boggling. I am going to write here more often and read others' work as well. Wonderful!

cclitgirl on 04/27/2012

Very interesting read. I'm glad you're interested in First Nations peoples - that is one of my passions.

Ping on 07/10/2011

It's fun to see others I know on this site.

sheilamarie on 07/05/2011

Welcome to Wizzley, Ping. I look forward to reading your articles.

RebeccaE on 07/04/2011

what an amazing resume! I shall learn from the master around here!

celeBritys4africA on 07/04/2011

You are a very motivated and hard working. I admire you.

Ping on 07/03/2011

Thanks for inviting me and I look forward to a lot of fun and good information here!

nightbear on 07/02/2011

OMG! What an impressive resume! You are amazing. I knew that of course, but seeing it in black and white is a bit overwhelming. No wonder your topics are so varied. Thank you for sharing with us. Now that we know you better, your writings will be all the more interesting. Thanks so much! And welcome to Wizzley.

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