Tinkerbell Snowglobes and Waterballs

by Marie

The Disney Tinkerbell Snowglobe is a really cute globe to collect. Fairy snowglobes are ideal as keepsake gifts for newborns or little girls who love fairies and Peter Pan's Tink.

How wonderful to be able to gift a magical keepsake Tinkerbell Snowglobe to a little girl or even a newborn baby - a gift that will be kept and treasured forever. Snowglobes appeal to all ages because of their beauty and the magic that happens when the globe is shaken and the 'snow' or glitter swirls around inside.

Tinkerbell is the adorable fairy who was created in Peter Pan and loved so much by little girls that she's since been the star of her very own movies. Like most little girls, my daughter is a massive Tinkerbell fan.

Tinkerbell Fairy Snowglobes

You'll discover the best selection of Disney Tinkerbell Fairy Snowglobes also known as Waterballs or Water Globes on this page. Tinkerbell, or Tink as she is also known, is an adorable fairy figure right out of Peter Pan. She's not always good which is probably why little girls seem to adore her so much. As my little girl says: it's too hard to be completely good all the time! Some of the best Tinkerbell Snowglobes are to be found at the Disney Store.

Larger Tink Snowglobes

The Jim Shore Tinkerbell globe here is almost 5 by 6 inches which isn't huge but larger than some of the mini Disney Fairy globes we've already seen.

Tinkerbell is relaxing amongst butterflies in this ornate and pretty snowglobe with a decorative, floral and blue base. There is even a butterfly on top of the globe which is a wonderful and enchanting little touch. Perfect for a little princess who loves butterflies and all pretty winged things - including Tink of course!

The Golden Tink Snowglobe is a large 9 by 12 inches and really is an attractive collectible that would make a stunning addition to any room. There are actually 4 globes which contain Tinkerbell's fairy friends: Silvermist, rosetta, Iridess and Fawn. Tinkerbell is sitting, perched above on a flower. 

Have you made your mind up about a Tinkerbell Snowglobe yet? If not, there are some more delightful Tinkerbell collectible figurines below which I've handpicked for you to view. I had some help from my daughter here because she has an eye for which pieces make the most magical and enchanting Tinkerbells for you to collect or give as a keepsake gift for someone else to love and treasure.

Musical Tink Snow Globes

Precious Moments have come up with a darling Musical Tinkerbell Snow Globe in shades of pastel blues and greens. I love the cute 'button' and star decoration around the base of the globe. And Tink is sitting on a spool of thread. How sweet would this be for someone who's crafty too? The music played is the timeless 'Fur Elise.'

A larger collectible figurine with mini snow globe is the Glittering Garden Tinkerbell. Tink is sitting amongst a magical garden of ornate flowers and is gazing at a flower blossom in a globe. Shake the snow globe to spread Tinkerbell's glittering, fairy pixie dust. When you wind up the musical key, you will be enchanted by the music 'You Can Fly!' from Peter Pan.

The addition of music to a magical snow globe is a wonderful thing, especially for a young child who will find it extremely captivating. My daughter loves to wind up the key on her musical Tinkerbell jewelry box and will sit listening to it for a long time. Children often find the simple and traditional toys to be the best.

Tinkerbell Garden Fairy Figurine
Tinkerbell Garden Fairy Figurine
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Marie on 12/22/2011

Yes they are super sweet. This page was inspired by my little girl who adores Tinkerbell. Thanks Sheila.

sheilamarie on 12/22/2011

These Tinkerbell snowglobes are so sweet! I like the musical ones best, too.

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