Tinyurl URL Shortener

by humagaia

Tinyurl URL shortener has been around for a long time and is one of the top website URL shortening services around. You are probably safe from broken links with this one.

TinyURL is a URL shortening service.
It shortens URLs.
These short URLs can be used in emails,
social media micro-blogging,
and bookmark services
to limit the number of characters used
if a long URL were entered.
It is one of many URL shortening services.
It also allows a custom alias for the short URL.

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Site Information

Tinyurl is ~#875 in the US, and ~#1250 worldwide, in Alexa Traffic Rank. Over 30% of site traffic is from the US. It is also popular in Taiwan, Ireland, Nigeria, UK, and the Philippines. There are over 300k sites linking to the domain.

It is run by Gilby Productions, as Jigsaw, from Blaine, Minnesota, USA.

The main sites that send visitors to TinyURL are google.com, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, YouTube and t.co.

Data courtesy of Alexa 2012/03/27

Tinyurl URL Shortening Service

TinyURL URL shortener

Tinyurl boasts that it

  • Quote "serves billions of redirects every month", 

and that it 

  • Quote "makes a billion long URLs usable."

The service asks if you are sick of posting long URLs in emails only for them to be broken once sent, causing the need to paste it back up, before it can be used. The tinyurl shortening service creates a tiny URL that won't break in emails, and enables longer messages in social media micro-blogging services such as Twitter.

As the site has been around for over 10 years it is one of those URL shortening services that should stay the distance. The shortened URL should never expire nor become a broken link.

Using Tinyurl URL Shorten Service

Shortening long URLs

Using the service is very easy. Just add or paste the long URL to be shortened into the appropriate box and click 'Make TinyURL!'. Your new shortened URL is available for use immediately.

You will receive something like the following messages:

  • Your long URL resulted in the following TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/pr6fzl
  • Or, give your recipients confidence with a preview TinyURL: http://preview.tinyurl.com/pr6fzl
  • This TinyURL may have been copied to your clipboard.

You can now copy and paste it into any document, or service, in the usual way.

Make TinyURL URL

Make TinyURL URL
Make TinyURL URL
Humagaia "Paint" screenshot

Create Custom Aliases For Your Shortened URL

TinyURL custom aliases

An added feature of the tinyurl shortening service is the option to create a custom URL alias. This type of service is not available with many URL shorten websites.

This service makes the URL more user-friendly, but adds complexity to the redirection process. Too many redirects can be detrimental to the original URL page.

Add TinyURL To Your Browser Toolbar

You can also add TinyURL to your browser toolbar. You can then make a shortened URL quickly with just a click of the tinyurl button. For this to work the bookmarks or favorites must allow javascript.

By using the tinyurl URL shorten service you can hide affiliate links from a potential customer, should you so wish.

The service is free, but you are given the option to donate using your credit card.

There is no sign-up process. There are no analytics to check which shortened URLs are providing a click-through.

The TinyURL URL shortening service is available at tinyurl.com.

Updated: 02/05/2021, humagaia
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