Tips for Using Your Colour Scheme and Wedding Theme Throughout Your Wedding

by AlexandriaIngham

Do you wonder how you could possibly incorporate your wedding theme or colour scheme throughout your big day? Here are some ideas from start to finish.

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the first things you will do is pick a wedding theme or colour scheme. We chose ours to have a Scotland meets Yorkshire theme with a red, blue and green colour scheme to match my husband’s clan tartan.

Planning this bit was great but then came the tricky part: how do you use your colour scheme or wedding theme throughout your wedding? You need to make it clear to your friends and family members that you have a scheme and/or theme for your big day.

I want to give you a few ideas of using these from the save the date cards all the way to the thank you cards.

Make Your Save the Date Cards Tickets for Your Theme

Save the Date Tickets
Save the Date Tickets
Kevin Stuart

Include Everything on Your Save the Date Cards and Wedding Invitations

If your wedding date is planned far enough in advance, you will need some save the date cards. These give your guests enough warning to keep that day free. As it gets closer, wedding invitations will be sent out. These are perfect opportunities for incorporating your wedding theme and colour scheme.


We made our own save the date cards, which were simple pieces of text with a thistle and white rose in the corners. They were then placed on colour backgrounds, either red, blue or green. The wedding invitations were more elegant and we had them done professionally. They used the thistle and the rose but didn’t quite include the colour scheme.

It doesn’t matter what type of theme or scheme you have, you can include them on these invites. I’ve seen butterflies, hearts, the elegance of a simple wedding theme and even a music gig style. One friend went all out with his wedding theme being included in the invitations. He and his wife had a music gig theme and the invitations were tickets for the gig. Along with that came some terms and conditions that were set up very similar to a gig.

Using a Colour Scheme for the Bridesmaids
Using a Colour Scheme for the Bridesmaids
Alexandria Ingham

Use the Colours in the Dresses and Outfits

Your bridesmaids need dresses and the groomsmen need ties and outfits. Use your colour scheme for these. I had one bridesmaid and the flower girl (my sister and sister-in-law) in green, two in red and two in blue (one couldn’t make it on the day as she was in hospital though). The groomsmen all had red ties and the ushers had blue ones. This was the easiest way to incorporate our colour scheme into the day.

All the bridesmaids had special corsages too. They were tartan bands for the wrist with a white rose and two thistles intertwined. I had the same but with my grandmother’s prayer book, which I used to walk down the aisle with. All the men had thistles for their buttonholes and we made thistle and rose corsages for the women in the bridal party.

This was a very simple way for use to involve our wedding theme for those who were part of the wedding theme. You will find something that works for your theme. For example, a butterfly theme could have butterfly corsages around the wrists or love hearts could be added into the hair. The music gig wedding I mentioned has a 1930s style to it and all the bridesmaid dresses had that style to continue the theme.

Using a Theme with Buttonholes and Corsages

Wedding Corages
Wedding Corages
Alexandria Ingham
Flower Girl Flowers with the Theme
Flower Girl Flowers with the Theme
Alexandria Ingham

Add the Wedding Theme Into Your Decorations

Now it comes to the wedding venue decorations. Adding your colour scheme or wedding theme isn’t that difficult to this. The colour scheme is likely much easier—choose flowers in your theme’s colour. We had white roses everywhere (the only flowers that weren’t allowed were red roses) and my mother-in-law created fabric roses to place on the back of the chair sashes.

The sashes are also quite easy, since you can just add your wedding colours to them. For your centrepieces, you can add something that works for your theme. I’ve seen bottles of sand act as a centrepiece for a wedding that has brought the beach to them. If you have a destination theme, decorate the venue in things from that destination.

Depending on your wedding theme, you could add these into your decorations somehow. We use strips of the tartan to wrap around the rose and thistle combinations but I’ve seen a flower vase made out of cassette tapes, butterflies hold the flowers together and even paper heart chains added to around the room.

Using Your Theme and Colours with the Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is something that all your guests want to see and it’s your chance to really incorporate your wedding theme or colour scheme. There are different ways to do this, depending on the type of cake that you choose. Cupcakes can be covered in the scheme’s icing while the wedding cake can have a topper or decoration that matches the theme.

It is also worth thinking about the decorations around the cake. Add flowers that match your scheme or items that work with the theme. The music wedding was called the “ball and chain” tour. The topper was a ball and chain but there were other musical decorations surrounding it.

Your Wedding Favours and Your Wedding Theme

Did you ever wonder if there was a way to add your wedding theme to your wedding favours? This can be a little difficult but adding a colour scheme is definitely possible. This does depend on the type of wedding favours that you have. When you use sweets and small treats like this, you will likely have bags or boxes. These can be in your wedding colours.

Incorporating your wedding theme is possible if you use something other than sweets or you could use national sweets. Have a think and use your imagination for ways that you can do it all.

Thanking People for Coming to Your Wedding

Once the wedding is all over, the hard work isn’t done. You need to send off thank you cards to thank people for attending and the gifts that you received. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on these but you can keep your theme going. Opt for something similar to your save the date cards or wedding invitations to add your theme or colour scheme on the thank you cards.

Use your imagination. You will soon find ways of adding your wedding theme or colour scheme throughout your big day. Nothing is impossible, whether it is to let guests know in the wedding invites or to continue it through with your wedding favours. Hopefully the ideas above helped get that creativity flowing.

Updated: 11/05/2013, AlexandriaIngham
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dustytoes on 11/10/2013

I love the way you had all the attendants in various colors. It turned out so pretty and very unique. Pretty much anything goes these days, which is great. I'm still waiting for an invitation to a modern day wedding so I can experience it first hand.

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