Too Cute Cupcake Calendars for 2016

by Marie

Yummy looking calendars filled with sweet treat cupcake designs for the kitchen wall, the home or for office inspiration. Plan ahead with these cute wall and desktop versions.

A calendar filled with gorgeous full color photos of delicious and inventive cupcakes is one sweet and zero-calorie treat that you can afford to put up in your home or workplace. Anyone who adores cakes, baking or even collecting these cute items is bound to love this wonderful way to keep track of the days, weeks and months in a year and so they make a really fantastic gift item too. There's no such thing as having too many cupcakes!

These wall and desk planner designs are made to be inspirational with plenty of ideas and inspiration for making these mini treats. But also some of them have actual recipes that can be used as well which is both neat and practical. Come and see the range on offer that might just prove to be a little too tempting to resist.

Inspirational Cupcake Creations

Fabulous Photos Packed into a Handy Wall Calendar

Customers really seem to love the Hello Cupcake range of calendars (I've been reading through the reviews for you) and have said that they're great for the kitchen wall as well as having plenty of space to write down all the appointments, reminders and activities that they need to plan.

The previous year's design, like this one, was a feast for the eyes. It's full of inventive mini confection designs that most of us may never attempt to make because they just look too hard. I loved the fun frogs on the front cover and I know that my Mom would love those since she collects items based on this cute amphibian - somehow I don't think I'll be trying to make those though because I can only imagine how long each one takes to ice.

Other pages show off cupcake pandas, pigs in a blanket, 3 tiered birthday cakes and even cupcake stiletto shoes. There are plenty of great designs to be wowed by. If you (or the recipient) happen to be a confident baker then the main design parts are identified so you can have a go at re-creating your own version at home.

More Inspirational Wall Calendars

Add A Sweet Selection of Tempting Treats to Your Home

The 2016 calendars will be starting to come up for pre-order later in the year. If you're buying as gifts and they need to be shipped out then you'll want to get hold of them as quickly as possible. Pre-ordering from Amazon is always easy since you can cancel at anytime before the item is prepared for dispatch and you don't get charged any money until items are processed for shipping either. Here's some more wall designs that I found with this theme.

The one below is a 16 month design with plenty of photos of cupcakes that most of us could make with a little bit of work. The cake designs are not as inventive as the ones I've already shown above but they are great looking nonetheless. Some examples from last year include sunflower cupcakes, Easter egg designs, snowmen, hearts and more.

This one is a mini wall calendar at 7 x 7 inches and lasts for 16 months. You can see all the designs on the back of the cover displayed over at Amazon. I like the snowmen designs which are really sweet for winter and they would be great to make for a Disney Frozen party because of Olaf the snowman.

A Boxed Daily Calendar

With Full Color Photos and Hundreds of Recipes to Follow

Daily desk calendars are not usually great for when you need to write down appointments, reminders and plan out your schedule in advance - a large wall version does a much better job of keeping you organized. The page-a-day kind though is great since it sits on your desk or on a table top and you can pull out the dated page every morning which is a great way to count down the days through the year since you have a very visual way of seeing those pages disappear from the box.

Cupcake 2016 Boxed/Daily Calendar

The Cupcake Calendar is a storehouse of more than 300 delicious easy-to-follow recipes for the simple treat that has suddenly become chic. Written in clear language and featurin...

Only $14.95

View on Amazon

With this cupcake box, you get over lots of yummy recipe ideas to try. So each day you can decide whether it's something you're going to bake right now or you can punch holes in the page and store it in a recipe binder to use at a later date. And if it's not something you want to try yourself, you can just bin it or pass it on to someone who might like to try it instead. Either way it's a fun idea to have all these delicious recipes waiting for you and a fun way to try out some new baking ideas too.

Here's One I Made Earlier!

Fancy Trying Out a New and Cute Butterfly Design?
Spring butterfly cupcakes to make and bake

I really do enjoy baking and making sweet treats such as cupcakes and cookies BUT I am very limited on time and I don't like things that take forever to make. These butterfly designs that I made actually don't take as long as you might think. It boils down to a frosted cupcake with some rolled fondant icing that's been thickly cut into butterfly shapes and placed on top.

You can even cheat and buy the frosted cupcakes and do something very similar by buying some edible butterfly decorations though it doesn't take very long to roll out some ready-to-roll fondant and use a mini cookie cutter to make those shapes. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Have fun choosing from this selection.

Come and see how these Cupcakes with Butterfly Decorations are made!

Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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Marie on 01/24/2015

A lot of it is about the presentation - you're selling something by the visual looks initially. Of course, I bet they taste really yummy too :)

Digby_Adams on 01/24/2015

I have the Hello Cupcake cookbook. I use it to make cupcakes for the library bakesales. They are always very popular and get a good price.

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