Top 10 Fire Safety for Your Home and Workplace

by RobertKeith

The last thing you'd want to worry about in the beautiful Sunshine Coast is a fire at home or in your workplace.

The last thing you'd want to worry about in the beautiful Sunshine Coast is a fire at home or in your workplace. You can do your part to help prevent fires from occurring in these two places. Whether it's having essential fire safety items or looking out for potential fire hazards, these tips can assist you in averting fires in your home or workplace.

1. Fire Extinguishers

Purchase fire extinguishers from your home and learn how to use them. Shake them once in a while so they don't fizzle out when you need them most. Keep the fire extinguishers in particular areas of your home. Make sure everyone living in that home knows where these extinguishers are. Your workplace usually already has fire extinguishers available. Know where they are in case of a fire emergency. 

2. Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are effective both in terms of functionality and cost. These are useful for putting out minor fires that can be caused by activities like cooking. Whether at home or work, cooking is considered to be one of the most common causes of fires. Another use for the fire blanket is wrapping someone whose clothes are on fire. It will immediately extinguish the flames. 

3. Smoke Detectors

Homes usually come with smoke detectors nowadays. For those that don't, be sure to have some installed as soon as possible. All levels of your home should have a smoke detector. The best places are both in bedrooms and areas where no one sleeps. 

Firefighter Man
Firefighter Man

4. Plan a Fire Exit

Practice fire safety by having a clear exit planned out for you and your family. Go over these plans thoroughly with others in your home, especially the children. Have a fire drill at least twice a year to ensure everyone is clear on what to do during a real fire. 

5. Keep an Eye on Electrical Equipment

Unplug any electrical equipment you are not using. This is another leading cause of fires. If there is any faulty electrical equipment or wiring, then fix it. In the case of the workplace, report it. 

6. Make Sure Storage isn't Excessive

Remove any clutter you may have at home or in your work area. Besides clutter being a fire hazard, it could also get in the way of the emergency exit during a fire. Also, make sure it isn't blocking any sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, or any other forms of firefighting equipment. 

7. Test Smoke Alarms

Each month, you should test your smoke alarms. Check your manual or look up the manufacturer to see how to do this. Any of them doesn't work, then get new batteries as soon as possible. 

8. What to Do During a Fire

As soon as you are alerted that there is a fire in your home, get outside as soon as possible. Do not go inside under any circumstances. Don't go in to get someone or something. Once outside, call 911. If you left your phone inside, then go to a neighbor and ask to borrow their phone. Don't go inside for your phone. 

9. Space Heaters

Space heaters are commonly used for construction jobs during colder temperatures. They are also used in the home. Keep flammable objects away from space heaters. When installing a space heater make sure it's away from flammable objects. Maintain them by cleaning them of dust regularly. If the wires are exposed or worn, then consider replacing or, at the very least, removing the space heater. 

10. Smoke in Designated Areas

Even something as small as a cigarette can cause a large-scale fire. Smoke in areas that are allowed, preferably outside away from flammable objects like grass and other plants. Heed any "No Smoking" signs. When disposing of cigarette butts, make sure they are fully out. Then throw them away in the trash or put them in ashtrays. 

There are many other ways to practice fire safety. Keeping an eye on fire hazards, having firefighting equipment, and creating a plan of escape in case of a fire are all still major components of fire safety. Exercise these methods, and you, too, can help keep your home, work, family, and colleagues safe from and during a fire.

Updated: 05/18/2018, RobertKeith
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