Top 10 Funny Doormats

by Groovyfinds

Need something to suit your ill sense of humor? These doormats are not only funny, they are just begging for you to walk all over them!

When being friendly is just not an option...This snazzy Go Away Doormat is perfect for expressing your inner "Don't Bug Me" Attitude. Friends will laugh, solicitors will hesitate & the religious people at 7 am on Saturday will run away totally traumatized (we can only hope). It's simply a must have for anti-social types.

Go Away Doormat

Go Away Doormat
William F. Kempf & Son Inc.
Only $19.95

Looking for a dog themed doormat with a little attitude? Tired of boring old doormats that just lay around? These dog doormats are not only funny they're totally functional. Ideal for detouring would be solicitors, bragging about your beloved pooch, or just family you don't want doing drop by visits....well actually nothing detours mother in laws. At least they will be laughing by the time you answer the door!

Dog Doormats

They live there too ya know!
Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat, Gre...
Dog Gone Smart Bed
Only $35.66
Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber ...
Hills Point Industries, LLC
Only $24.99
Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Durable ...
Hills Point Industries, LLC
Only $42.99

What can I say about Mat? He's witty, charming, & a real down to earth kind of guy...who happens to be a Doormat. I know what your thinking, "it's wrong to just treat someone like a doormat" but it's Ok, It's his job. So go ahead, get your very own Mat to wipe your feet on!


Hi, I'm Mat Doormat

I like a doormat with personality.
High Cotton Inc Hi I'm Mat Funny Welcoming Indoor Outdoor Doormat
High Cotton Inc.
Only $27.0

How do you like your doormats?

Even the most tasteful decor can use a little laugh, What do you think?

Are you or someone you know antisocial? Looking for a direct yet funny way to let the world know? These doormats don't beat around the bush, They're funny, obnoxious & downright rude. Don't feel bad...years of vacuum sales people, in-law pop ins & those evil Chinese take menu guys have driven you insane. It's Ok We totally understand!

Oh & just an FYI if you actually have warrants out then that "Come Back with A Warrant" doormat might land you on an episode of Cops.

Un-Welcome Doormats

It's Ok not everyone is friendly.
Come Back With Warrant Doormat
High Cotton Inc
$27.19  $27.0
Please Stay On Mat Doormat
High Cotton Inc
Only $27.99
We Love Our Vacuum Doormat
High Cotton Inc
Only $31.98

It's inviting, it's friendly, it features beer & a topless scenario...what more could you want?! This uber funny doormat is made by High cotton & is ready for service. They are easy to clean (just use a hose) & last for years. Not to mention your friends will smile every time they see it. Are you ready to invite your guests to take their top off?

Come in. Relax. Take your top off. Doormat

Now that's hospitality!
Come in. Relax. Take your top off. Doormat
High Cotton, Inc.
$27.0  $19.99

That's right it's time to slam a hippie while wiping your feet. I'm not sure if it's PC but it's funny so "Beat it Hippie" had to make the list. It's perfect if you have a Hippie plague in your area, an obnoxious sense of humor or you just need a funny gift.

This doormat is by High Cotton & is 18" x 27", made of Olefin Indoor/Outdoor carpet with perfect bound stitched edges, and printed with color fast ink. Care is simple, Just wash with hose and brush.

Beat it, Hippie. Doormat

Beat it, Hippie. Doormat
High Cotton, Inc.

Looking for more doormats?

From cats to wine to just about anything else!s

Rude, Funny & Animal Themed Doormats
Are you looking for a funny doormat that matches your personality? Need a great gift for a housewarming? These doormats are not only hilarious they're totally functional. Why not give your guests a chuckle as they wait for you to answer the door? After all life is too short for a serious "Welcome" mat!

Funny Dog Doormats
Their funny, their fabulous, their Doggy Doormats!

Funny Cat Doormats
Ideal for proclaiming your crazy cat lady-ness, bragging about your fur kids or just making a statement.

Why buy a funny Mat?

Well why not? Almost every door needs a doormat or it would look naked. So instead of adding a boring "Welcome" Mat why not dress up your door with some personality?


As for gifts, these make the perfect gift, there's a mat for just about every lifestyle, hobby or pet...And let's be honest a funny doormat is a better housewarming gift than a toaster. Nobody wants a boring toaster.

Updated: 05/28/2011, Groovyfinds
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CitizenWake on 06/04/2011

'We love our vacuum, we've found God and we gave at the office ~ Thanks'
Cracks me up!

CherylsArt on 06/01/2011

Cute doormats. My fave is also, Hi, I'm Mat.

Ladymermaid on 05/30/2011 glad to see you here. Oh so many wonderful friends are here as I look around. Isn't the platform great. I love it. Best wishes.

petunia on 05/30/2011

I love funny doormats, but my all time favorite doormat has to be "Hi, I'm Mat!"

JoyfulPamela on 05/29/2011

Very funny! My favorite one is the "This is not a joke" dog one. : )

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