Top 5 Anti-Obama books

by DrDarko

It seems that, more than any other president in recent history, Barrack Obama provided inspiration for numerous books attacking him and his policies. Here are some chosen titles.

Attacking Barrack Obama, the president of the world’s greatest power is favorite pastime of number of authors. While some of these books represent well-researched and well-written analysis, some are just well-written satires. Regardless of the true motivation of the author, all of these books represent small masterpieces and thought, or at least - laugh, provoking titles.

Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything

With the simple act of casting a ballot for Barack Obama, we could make the world an immeasurably better place - a world of peace, of love, of understanding, of unicorns, of rainbows, of expanded entitlements.”

This book by Frank J. Fleming will make even the die-hard Obama supporter laugh. This great work of satire cuts the Obama mistique with sharp wit and quite inventive sarcasm. The author manages to do all this and stay away from mean name calling that usually infects political satire.


Obama's War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future

While Grover Glenn Norquist and John R. Lott Jr. are definitely not Obama supporters, their book uses facts to analyze financial crises and recovery, the stimulus, and new regulations.

This book exposes fallacies of Keynesian thinking and explains how governments are budget constrained and that stimulus money is not wealth created out of nothing. Increased spending comes from taxes, debt and inflation.

Step by step, the authors offer insight in true effects of huge increases in government spending, mounting debt, massive new regulations, and higher effective marginal income taxes.

Gangster Government

Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy

This well-researched book by David Freddoso offers a revealing look at the Obama administration policies and ruthless subversion of Constitution and laws.

It offers remarkable insight at every bent law and every broken promise. Discover stunning facts that show how “green jobs” are all about shaking down the taxpayer for favored businesses and not about any “sustainable” energy or jobs.

The author does not stop at Obama. He reveals inner workings and tactics employed by both Republicans and Democrats over the last decades. By reading this book you can learn how both parties attack their "enemies" and reward their "friends" at the expense of  American people.

That's a crock, Barack

Subtitle of this book is “President Obama's record of saying things that are untrue, duplicitous, arrogant and delusional” and deservedly so.

Ambassador Fred J. Eckert uses Barack Obama’s own words to demonstrate how big a con job Obama perpetrated upon the American people.

Eckert pedantically catalogues an amazing array of malapropisms, falsities and, sometimes, common gibberish uttered by Barrack Obama. When Obama referred to the the "Austrian language.", no one at CBS, New York Times, or MSNBC mentioned this. Unlike mainstream media, the author of this book will not forget to mention the President referring to "58 states" in the union.

A fun read for sure...

The Obama Diaries

According to author, Laura Ingraham, regular Fox News contributor, she received a package from an anonymous source that just happens to be to be diary entries written by President Barack Obama, his family, and high-ranking administration officials.

Reading The Obama Diaries will inspire laughter and provoke some quite critical thinking about the future of the nation and the personality of a president.

The satirical diary entries are filled with laugh out loud moments and actually end up believable because they naturally follow actions of all the key players in Obama drama.

It's not entirely disbelievable that the people who are running the country actually think this way.

The Obama Diaries
$7.05  $4.97

In the end, here are some fun Anti-Obama gadgets for the die-hard anti-fans.

Stay tuned for the Top 5 Pro-Obama books…

Do you think that some of these books should be banned?

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Updated: 03/13/2012, DrDarko
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