Top Free Software For Your New Computer

by landocheese

If you have a new computer, check out the top free software that you can add without spending a dime.

What Software to Load on Your New Computer

You have a new computer, but what software should you load onto it first? Here is the top free software that you can use with your new computer to get it up and running quickly, without hitting you in the wallet.

Computer software is expensive, but unless you have a very specific need for a program, you may be able to get by just fine without spending a dime.

Hopefully you were able to get a new computer without too much useless software and trial versions already loaded. Keeping your machine free of things you don't need is a good idea and will make it run better.

The software that you should install first starts with the basics and covers your computer security, email, and working with photos and music. Here are the best free applications for you to consider.

The Free Software to Check Out

These free software programs can all be downloaded quickly from the internet and will go to work for you right away.


Before you do anything, you should have a copy of the FireFox browser on your computer. This browser is a favorite of many for a reason. It is fast and has loads of optional plug-ins (addons that are really cool) that you can add later. It is a good idea to have 2 browsers on your machine in the event of a browser problem. Make FireFox your first and leave the other one to be used in an emergency.

Open Office

You don't have to spend hundreds for basic word processing or spreadsheet programs. Open Office does a great job at covering all the basics, and you can work with the common Microsoft Word and Excel files using this free program as well. Save your money for something else and create your home documents and spreadsheets in Open Office instead.


Thunderbird is an email program that you can use for reading and writing email from your desktop. If you have an online email provider like gmail or hotmail, you really should consider just using the internet site for your mail to avoid any possible loss of your files if your computer goes bad, but if you really want a local application on your computer, Thunderbird does the job nicely. Think of it as a simplified Microsoft Outlook.

AVG Anti-Virus

You really don't want to be open to viruses but those trials that come with many new computers end with a hefty price tag. AVG does a great job and it is free. A quick download will put this valuable software on your machine and start protecting your computer right away. Don't be without a running anti-virus.

Ad Aware

Speaking of security, you also want a program watching out for spyware and the free version of Ad Aware is the popular choice to do the job. You can rest easy knowing that Ad Aware is constantly monitoring for these nasty little buggers.


It's time for some fun! For your music collection it is hard to beat iTunes for holding your collection and playing it back. Of course you can make playlists and burn songs to a CD. You don't have to own an iPod to make use of this application. There are others, but iTunes is still the best.


There are some great features in GIMP, which is a photo editing program that you can get for the great price of zero. If you are a professional photographer you may want something like Photoshop - maybe - but for the masses you won't be disappointed in what GIMP can do for you. It is very full featured and will take your good pictures and make them great.

Save Money on Software

If you seek out these free applications you will save plenty, yet you will have the basic programs you need to do the things you want to on your new computer.

It's smart to make the most of the top free software for your new computer.

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landocheese on 10/23/2012

Thanks for the vote of support for these software options. I continue to use them and really find it hard to justify not using free software and saving money for other fun things.

JoHarrington on 10/21/2012

I'd definitely support all of these!

thepurpleturtle on 12/19/2011

These are all good choices for free software for new computer buyers on a budget. I have been using every one of these pieces of software on my computers since 2005 except Thunderbird. I have never been too big on desktop e-mail publishing clients.

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