What Gyazo Is And Why You Should Be Using It

by Paul

Gyazo is a great instant screen-grab sharer and couldn't be simpler to use - it's a staple for anyone using the Internet.

It's happened so many times. I've been trying to explain a concept to someone and words simply aren't enough. Or perhaps I'm getting an error with a program and need to send a screenshot.

I could screenshot it, crop it, save it and then upload it, but that would take quite a while. It would also create alarming amounts of useless screenshots saved on my desktop. Gyazo can very easily change that.

You can download Gyazo for free here.

What Is Gyazo?

Gyazo is an extremely simple and easy to use instant screen-grab sharer. It's an impressively small program and is very, very good at what it does.

But what exactly does it do? We know it instantly shares screen-grabs, but what does that mean? And more importantly, why should you be using it?

Albeit somewhat self explanatory, Gyazo as a program allows you to select a portion of your screen and then have it instantly uploaded to the Internet to share. That's it. But I've never found anything more useful.

I used Gyazo for all the images in my GIMP tutorial.
I used Gyazo for all the images in my GIMP tutorial.

How To Set Up And Use Gyazo

Acquiring and setting up Gyazo for use couldn't be easier, in fact, it literally can be done in two easy steps.

  1. Download the .exe from here
  2. Run the .exe, make sure that you tick "Create a Quick Launch icon" box, the desktop shortcut option is up to you.
Gyazo Install

You should now notice a small Gyazo icon in your quick launch bar - it should look something like the following.

Gyazo click

Once you've clicked on the icon, your cursor will turn into a cross. Now all you have to do is click and drag to create a selection of what you wish to upload.


Once you've let go of the selection, Gyazo will automatically upload the image, open it in your favoured web browser and copy the link to your clipboard, enabling you to share with whomever you wish.

It's as simple as that.

For Wizzley Authors

Gyazo is good to use with Wizzley too - especially when making tutorials for using software. It allows you to screen-grab the useful portion of your screen and very quickly allows you to enter it into an image module.

Once Gyazo copies the link into your clipboard, paste the URL into the image module just as you would any other image and add ".png" to the end.

Image module

It's fast, effective, keeps your computer clean and is free  - what more could you want?

Updated: 01/22/2013, Paul
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