Top Scary Costumes for Halloween

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Scary costumes are in demand for Halloween and here are the most popular themes that you can count on.

Halloween is the celebration of DEAD and therefore it has to be celebrated with the creepy quotient and fear factor. Fear rules the festive season and fear factor are the key ingredients of this festival.

The anxiety and nervousness Death brings to humans is scarier than any natural disasters. That explains why Scary theme costumes are the greatest and most popular of Halloween costumes.

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Death Analogy for Halloween


A desire to know Death in its precise form is a curiosity that human beings are carrying over generations. Not that they are able to disclose the riddles of Death, but anxiousness to get closer to the spirits is perhaps why Halloween is celebrated today.


Whether or not you exist after death, the Halloween is a celebration of the Dead ones, the spirits and the fear of unknown, supernatural occurrences. This celebration with the gory costumes give the celebration a rare edge and uniqueness making it a fun filled scary experience.

Corpse Costume


A corpse with deadly looks or a grim face with death written on its face would be the call of Halloween. Glittering jewels of white pearls and gems will look awesome on the corpse bride.

Light grey or white gown that looks corpse like would be perfect for the Halloween Corpse costume. Skirt with full volume and depth with a frilled top will equally make a great costume.

An outrageous corpse costume in faux Elizabeth dress with a large heart bodice ballooning when you walk will give your body the volume of 18th century Victorian dress.

Celebrating Halloween in Costumes

Ghosts, Demons and Evil Spirits


Our ancestors who hardly could explain any Natural disaster and phenomenon have always been wary of the Dark side, demons and devils. Celebrating Death and Disasters might be the way to keep the Dark Spirits and Demons happy. Whatever the reasons, celebrating Halloween in costumes is a perhaps was thought to be a way to forget the fear of Death and keep the Demons away.

Hunting and tracking for ghosts is obvious but we are yet to encounter anything substantial. Evidences are one part of the events, confronting is a totally different experience. And then, recurrences are very uncommon.

Perhaps it will pay to visit the old haunted places to try your luck. However; beware of the bizarre and unevenly turn of incidents that will leave your life unpredicted.


Men's Hanging Zombie Doctor Costume

Morbid Enterprises Men's Hanging Zombie Doctor, Grey/Blue...
Morbid Enterprises

Zombie Costume


Or you can swoon the audience with a zombie costume that dazzles in black and white. A costume that swears you belong to the UNDEAD family needs to be adequately scary. Paint your face in green and mouth red with fake blood, it will indeed make you appear as you have risen from DEAD. Zombies are very slow and if you really want to be disguised as zombie walk with the limp and fake injuries on your apparel and the body.

Skeleton Tuxedo Halloween Costume for Men

Men's Bone Daddy
Underwraps Costumes Men's Bone Daddy Skeleton Tuxedo Costume Multic...
Underwraps Child code

Women's Skeleton Print Corpse Bride Halloween Costume

Bride's Maxi Dress
ReliBeauty Women's Skeleton Print Corpse Bride Maxi Dress Halloween...

Skeleton Costume


A human skeleton costume that displays bones and ribs devoid of flesh is the creepiest dress that raises hair of anyone on the night of Halloween.

Baoer Dustin Bones Glow In The Dark Costume

Hoodie Skeleton Roleplay Dress
Baoer Dustin Bones Glow In The Dark Hoodie Skeleton Roleplay Costum...

Glow in the dark costume


A skeleton costume that glows in the dark can easily give you a scary appearance when everywhere it is grim and dark. You are perhaps the only thing that glows and that is awfully scary.

The fluorescent light emanating from the costume and the hollow cheeks from an emaciating body is just the costume you need on the night of Halloween.

Women's Ghostly Gal Costume

GHOSTLY GAL, Standard (14-16), Gray/White
Forum Novelties Costumes

Ghost Costume


Raid your wardrobe for the vintage trends when costumes in 60s would wrap the Ladies in tons of fabric,

An impeccably cut black dress that ends up at the knee when you stand in the front of a full length mirror is the perfect ghost costume for Halloween’s Eve.

Mummy Halloween Fancy Dress Costume

Mommie costume for adults

Women's Mystical Mummy Sexy Horror Costume

California Costumes Women's Mystical Mummy Sexy Horror Costume, Tan...
California Costumes

Mummy Costume


Another perfect horror costume for the Halloween is the Mummy’s costume.

A pale ghoulish outfit with long, stringy hair obscuring half the face is the perfect haunted costume for the Halloween party.

According to you which is the scariest costume for Halloween?

Adult Headless Man Costume

Forum Novelties 61970 Headless Man Adult Costume
Forum Novelties Inc

Headless Horseman Costume


An elitist’s Halloween costume, a headless horseman’s costume is the most scary and exciting costume of all times.

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/04/2023

Corpse bride, ghostly gal and mummy costumes look non-scarily fun.

But how would one get around in the headless costume? The entire body would have to turn to catch what happens along the sides and in back, not to mention what happens in front while one is turned backward or sideward!

blackspanielgallery on 09/21/2015

Zombies are still popular.

younghopes on 09/21/2015

Amazing article and i liked your selection of these scary costumes, pinning it to my halloween board

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