Great Small and Useful Gifts for the Adventure Traveler and Hiker

by Sheri_Oz

Having had a few adventures in Africa, myself, I consider myself qualified to suggest small gifts the adventure traveler would appreciate.

There is a wide variety of small gifts the off-the-beaten-path traveler would appreciate. I know - because I would appreciate them.

I write this article, sitting in a quaint African hotel room, after having returned from working in two towns where the hotels are somewhat less quaint. Primitive would be a more appropriate word to describe them, one having been more primitive than the other. My time there gave me a pretty good idea of what I should bring with me next time I am on this continent.

I took the photo above as our driver was expertly manouvering his way through the mud on the "highway" between Yei and Juba in South Sudan.

Adventure Travel

Those who set out on adventure travel can be young or old, male or female. We all share, I think, a driving curiousity to become familiar with geographical and human landscapes different from our own.

We enjoy challenging ourselves. Some may prefer the physical challenges of high mountains, vast snow-laden plains or the desert sands or raging rivers. Others may prefer the social and emotional challenges offered by spending time with people from cultures that emphasize values and codes of behavior that are very foreign to us.

Whatever form stepping out of our comfort zone may take, the adventure traveller will have some similar needs regarding the equipment that will help us on our trip. I know that a thoughtful gift will also be a reminder of those waiting for our safe return.

Luggage Tags by Zazzle - A Convenient Way for Your Luggage to Stand Out - and a Thoughtful Small Gift

I particularly like this design - with an old map of the world.
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Foldable Reserve Backpack is an Essential Item

There are times when the adventure traveler wants to leave his or her large bag in the storage of your base hotel and set out for a short trip with only enough for those particular days away. This foldable backpack takes up next to no room in the luggage and opens up to a decent-sized tote for the short trip.

It is also useful to carry this bag to the market whether the traveler is stocking up on fruits and vegetables and other food stuffs or is collecting souvenirs to take back home.

Basic International Travel Supplies

International Adapter Plug

Laptops, cellphones, and battery recharges can be plugged in with this adapter in any country in the world. Hairdriers and some other equipment, however, will need to have duel voltage as this device does not adjust voltage.

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Travel Power Strip

With four sockets, you can simultaneously charge up four separate pieces of equipment. The design is streamlined so it does not take up much room in your luggage.

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Emergency Water Treatment Tablets

While these are not to be relied on regularly, in a pinch, when there is no other solution, these tablets can provide germ-free water until one can reach a better water supply.

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When traveling off the beaten path, the adventurous soul will likely find himself or herself, after a hard day "on the road", in lodgings in which the "conveniences" are inconveniently placed in a little shack out in the yard.

While either the sun or the moon shine brightly in the sky, this poses no particular problem. However, when the skies are dark (or worse yet, when it is raining), a flashlight is an absolute MUST. The brave traveler does not really relish the idea of tripping over a rock or pothole, nor of stepping onto some undefined creature in his or her path.

The Adventure Traveler Should Not Leave Home Without One of These

Another Kind of Light for a Different Purpose

Some of us adventuresome types also like to read at night before going to sleep. A flashlight is not really suited to this task but a headlamp surely is!

When in places with no electricity, or where the electricity is so low in intensity that we would strain our eyes, it is great to have this lamp.

Adventure Travelers Do Not Want to Find Themselves Unable to Take That Perfect Photo

The perfect photo or video scene is playing itself out right before our eyes. We may or may not ever come back to this spot again. Even if we do, this particular photo will be lost forever unless we can capture it on the camera.

There is almost nothing more frustrating than finding oneself in this situation only to see that the camera battery is empty and the memory card full. One can never have too many batteries charged and ready to go and memory cards to replace in the slot in the camera.

If you want to surprise the adventure traveler in your life, click on one of the photos below and in the search bar, write the name of the camera he or she has, adding either "battery" or "memory card". The two shown here are for the Canon G10 or G11, the camera I happen to have.

Collapsable Trekking Pole

Some hikers may find a lightweight trekking pole that can fit easily into one's luggage an indispensable traveling accessory.

This particular model comes highly recommended. It is sturdy and has stood the test of time and experience on rough terrain. The cork handle is comfortable and prevents hands from slipping.

The lock system, however, may be a bit cumbersome to manage and there are no tip replacements. One reviewer suggests buying Leki tip replacements as they fit this stick perfectly well. However, this will become necessary only after a long time.

Thank-you, Dustytoes for suggesting this item 

Lightweight, Small and So Useful for the Adventure Traveler

Aquis Large Travelers' Towel

This towel actually feels good while drying you off. It dries out very quickly, weighs only 3 pounds and folds to the size of a folded t-shirt. Very highly recommended.

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Moon Boots for Women

Lightweight and great for going to the shower or toilet and back in the more primitive adventure travel settings. Keeps feet clean and germ-free. Great traction.

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Shower Slippers for Men

Similar to moon boots, but for men.

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Mosquito Net for the Traveler

Sometimes it's good to have your own net - for when your lodgings don't have one or the one they have has holes in it (not an infrequent occurrence). This one packs small, opens to double-sized and is lightweight.

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Best Containers for Travel

I keep my medicines, mosquito repellant, shampoo and other items in these boxes. Anything that may squish and leak or that might leak even without squishing is best kept in a hard plastic air-tight, waterproof container.

I have one that is the larger size for larger size bottles and another of the smaller size for smaller items.

These boxes are so sturdy that they do not break regardless of the rough treatment the luggage receives. Once I began using these boxes, I cannot imagine leaving home without them.

Updated: 03/26/2014, Sheri_Oz
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Sheri_Oz on 11/20/2012

That's a great idea, Dustytoes. Thanks so much.

dustytoes on 11/20/2012

I don't do much traveling but I've been wanting a folding walking stick for hiking.

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