The Top Virtual Worlds For Kids

by Seelyon

Finding the top virtual worlds for kids can be difficult if you don't know the market which is why relatives are always turning to me for an opinion. After playing dozens and dozen

Finding the top virtual worlds for kids can be difficult if you don't know the market which is why relatives are always turning to me for an opinion. After playing dozens and dozens of virtual worlds I decided to put my thoughts in a single place for both parents and children.

I've included age recommendations for each game and then paired this with my personal experience so it's easy to make informed decisions about what to expect. These games range from younger audiences to tweens and early teenage years so there is something for all tastes and styles.

If you've got your own opinions on the virtual worlds don't hesitate to reach out in the comment section.

Images on this page are used for review purposes and are provided by game media departments for the purpose of review and critique.

Do You Let Your Children Play Virtual World Games?

Are Children Allowed To Play Virtual Games In Your House?

Safety In Virtual Worlds

Safety Features & A Warning

Everybody wants their younger selves to be safe online and while I have played all the virtual world games here for a significant amount of time to test them out for family members you're mileage definitely will vary that is the nature of these virtual worlds.

However it is important to know that some or all of these games:

  • Block profanity and personal information from being typed to other players.
  • Restrict chat to pre-set phrases only.
  • Always have a moderation team on hand to ban players.
  • Don't use external advertising.


Recommended Ages 5-12

Fantage is one of the games I think is most appropriate for a younger audience and is a good mix of MMO and gaming features so all sorts of children will enjoy the game.

After registering players can begin to explore the world of Fantage with a huge selection of fun and friendly areas to explore like the carnival, lighthouse, forest, beach, pet town and so much more. These locations are all fun, fresh and attractive to my recommended age demographics above.

Time in Fantage will be spent mostly on mini games to earn game currency with some friendly multiplayer games also included. Plenty of these have a great educational basis as well. Taking this currency unlocks housing, items and pet options which does help train younger children the value of money.

Start Your Adventure With Some Free Fantage eCoins

Moshi Monsters

Recommended Ages 5-12

Moshi Monsters is a virtual world that focuses more on pet adoption then most games and really focuses on players looking after their own monster. With six different pets available for adoption with their own personalities there is enough options for children with different tastes to find their own place in this world. A Moshi Membership is highly recommended.

Focus is definitely on nurturing this monster style pet but there is still plenty of room for puzzle based games, housing customisation and communication (all in a safe environment of course). Moshi Monsters is also one of the most commercialised in this market so be prepared to purchase plenty of Moshi Monsters merchandise if you go this route.

Space Heroes Universe!

Recommended Ages 6-14

Space Heroes Universe! is a more active experience and one I often like to recommend because even I found myself having fun in a game intended for people more than half my age. It also gets bonus points for being made in Australia, the place that I call home.

I'm a huge fan of the sci-fi genre and I think allowing children to explore space and space technology is a great way to introduce them into the wider world around us. Jumping into the Space Heroes Academy players get a jetpack, their own spaceship and a bubble blaster, allowing the fun to begin right off the bat.

With the option to jump from planet to planet with plenty of games and missions in between this is definitely one for the kids that love space or action gameplay.

Club Penguin

Recommended Ages 7-14

I couldn't have published this list of virtual world games for kids without including the leader in the space, Club Penguin. The game is in the hands of Disney and definitely has plenty of merchandise and other video games under its belt as well along with the all importantClub Penguin membership.

As the most popular in the genre I find it hard to recommend to younger children (5-6), even though the game is age appropriate in terms of themes and safety features I think it would be a little overwhelming so I generally consider ages 7 or even 8 more closer to what I would suggest.

One thing that I think is really good about Club Penguin is the yearly "Coin for Change" event where players donate their in game currency (earned from games) to specific charities which makes for a great discussion with your child.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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