Traditional Style Postcards and Vintage Inspired Posters for Halloween

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Vintage inspired posters for Halloween are capable of taking you back in the 1980s era.Even with the black and white themes these pictures are capable of striking terror and mayhem

I have always loved vintage style decor. Here is my secret – I tend to find some unique item most of the time which for me is a treasure. Of course; it need not be expensive. I get a great deal of pleasure in finding rare items. If you are fond of collecting collectibles, you will definitely understand why people who love vintage hunt for antiques.

If you are an ardent collector, perhaps you already have a grand assortment of vintage and antique stuff; however not appropriate for Halloween if it is not scary enough. This is the time to get into Halloween mood and get something which is on the spookier side.

There is a great probability of finding something spooky in the vintage antiques and artifacts, old, vintage posters for Halloween are one such item. Vintage paintings of witch with cauldron are the oldest and will never go out of print.

So will be the witch who is flying on the magic broom with a moon silhouetted in the background. Pumpkins and Jack’o lanterns look awesome in posters, the reddish orange shade of the pumpkins are synonymous to the bright and gory red of blood-tainted Halloween.

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Traditional Style Postcards for Halloween


Vintage greeting cards for Halloween are a reproduction of vintage art and paintings. The posters are printed either from a digital image or recovered from some old postcards. When you are looking for posters, choose the high quality paper that lasts longer. Paper with matte finish and glossy appearance look attractive.


Halloween cards demonstrating accurate reproduction and meticulous details are something you should look for. Such items that display scrupulous details are highly prized items among collectors. Rare collections showcasing vintage background, dresses and themes are extremely popular.  Rosy cheeked country girls and pumpkins waiting for harvesting are cool themes for postcards. Look for examples and illustrations of yester era, they look awesome even today.


Vintage Posters for Halloween


Vibrant colors with cool, spooky themes can have dramatic effect especially when they are hung on the right place on walls. Vampires, Dracula and monsters, anything that reminds the darkness of the festival can get in. Witches and pumpkins, zombies and goblins; they all look great on life size posters. Dark nights and diffused light can enhance the eerie sceneries. Gloomy and dark shadows on hazy walls can look terrific. Blurred light can make the monsters look real.


If you love a particular image from an old post card, old stamp or a picture from old book, reproduce it on a larger laminated frame. Embellish your hall and dining room with this special retro picture, this could become your unique theme for Halloween. Let your imagination run wild, for Halloween is the festival of weird, bizarre and wild.

Have you any time used vintage Halloween decor?

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ologsinquito on 10/22/2013

These are beautiful vintage selections and it's great how we can find them so easily on Amazon and eBay.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/26/2022

Vintage Halloween decor has sometimes moonless, sometimes moonlit nights with bat, non-woody-plant, owl, woody-plant silhouettes patterned onto fabrics, postcards and posters.

Tolovaj on 09/02/2013

Vintage is my middle name;)

Vintage Halloween Decor on YouTube

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Do you like the old, traditional style of using postcards?

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DerdriuMarriner on 08/26/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.

In particular, I appreciate the non-scary note cards and t-shirts. The crow and skull horror canvas print doesn't seem that scary because it makes me think of Edgar Allen Poe's raven.

The Happy Thanksgiving card includes a carved pumpkin. Is it intended to be scary? Fortunately, it looks benign, not at all resentful of family and friends getting together to give thanks.

Old, traditional, vintage artistry regarding All Hallows Eve seems far less scary than nowadays.

WriterArtist on 09/28/2013

@Tolovaj - I have always loved the traditional way of celebrations, there is beauty and art in the vintage postcards. I absolutely fall in love with them whenever I get to see one.

Tolovaj on 09/02/2013

I noticed Halloween trends are turning from showy to more traditional and from bought to self made... I like vintage stuff, although most of it is digital. There is a lot of great vintage graphics on the web, if you spend some time on research. Halloween is not only about fun, it is also about tradition, so traditional style postcards and posters certainly help to make the right feeling.

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