Travel Bingo Cards Make Car Trips Fun

by PeggyHazelwood

If you're planning a car trip, be sure to take along travel Bingo cards for the kids. The car ride will be a breeze when everyone is busy finding the pictures on the Bingo cards!

Travel Bingo cards have been around for decades, and for this reason, many people have forgotten about this simple but fun game to take in the car. But let me tell you, my kids loved travel Bingo and so do my grandkids.

Keeping a look out for an airplane or a stop sign or any of the other everyday objects then sliding the little plastic cover over that item is fun.

Travel Bingo Cards for Toddlers

Even Little Guys Can Find Colors and Shapes

As with any toy or game, getting the right version is key. You want your child to be successful so find the right travel Bingo cards for their age.

These Bingo cards are perfect for short and long car rides. Use them at home to get kids familiar with the concept of finding shapes like circles, triangles, squares, and more. Travel Bingo cards with bright colors offer another fun way to make the drive go smoothly.


Travel Bingo Cards

Eeboo Travel Bingo

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Beautifully illustrated by Saxton Freymann for eeBoo, Travel Bingo is an easy to play game for the car. Fe...

View on Amazon

Melissa & Doug Travel Bingo

Melissa & Doug Travel Bingo

View on Amazon

Backseat Bingo Cards to Play in the Car

Older Kids Can Scope Out Objects Like Nobody's Business

Make getting there fun! Family vacations are all about spending time together. Little kids can be coaxed into playing travel Bingo easily. Older kids may think it's totally lame but you know your kids. Is there an incentive you can use for playing along? Maybe winner can choose where the family eats the next meal or other fun stop along the way.

If you play along using your own Bingo card (that is, if you're not driving!), even older kids will enjoy travel Bingo.

Establish the ground rules of your Bingo game. You can make a competition of it with a few simple rules:

  • Everyone starts at the same time.
  • Decide how many miles you'll play each game, letting the driver keep track.
  • Everyone plays the same game (see different ways to play car Bingo below).


Have You Ever Played Car Bingo?

Travel Bingo Cards Available on eBay

Different Versions of Bingo in the Car

If you want to play the silent version of auto Bingo, anyone who sees an object on their card can push the colored plastic over that image. This way, if someone isn't paying attention, they might miss the cat or silo or airplane.

For the other more common version of car Bingo, the first person to see an item on their card says that item out loud. Only they can cover that image on their Bingo card.

Another option is to play license plate bingo. When traveling the summer, this can actually be a great way for kids to learn about other states with all the travelers sharing the road with you.


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Have You and Your Kids Played Travel Bingo?

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belinda342 on 04/28/2013

This type of game can be heaven sent to parents of siblings that are facing a long road trip. And much less violent than "doodle bug". Boy, I can still remember having bruises from that game. My sister was way energetic with her hits. (Plus she was bigger than me!)

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