Trendy Sets of Square Dinnerware for Christmas Party

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Adorn your table with square dinnerware for Christmas! This square set is a cute alternative from the conventional oval and round dinner sets.

If you are not afraid to experiment you can also mix and match the two. A medley of square and round dinnerware can look fabulous. Go for square dishes that have rounded corners, so the two different shapes of round and square actually complement each other. The harmony of round shape can beautifully balance the symmetry of square form. So be all the rage by setting a square table décor.

Though I love the traditional dinnerware of round and oval sets, I am more than happy with the flat dinner sets that are square. They are a bit different than what I am used but they look extremely lovely on the table.

Dinnerware Square sets in white and red colours carved with Christmas tree on platters, bowl and glasses for Christmas are a feast to eyes. Egg shaped jugs and mugs for the festive mood and a snowman on the flutes designed in a flashing setup of an eye-popping medley for gala guests are great for the holiday season. Just as pink and heart shaped dinner patterns and mugs are perfect for Valentine, green and white Christmas trees look spectacular on dinner plates.

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Lenox Chirp Eight 4 Pc Casual Settings Square

Lenox Chirp Eight 4 Pc Casual Settings Square

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Square Dinner Plates 10.5" Set of 6

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Square Dinner Plates 10.5" Set of 6

Spode Christmas Tree Square Salad Bowl by Spode

Spode Christmas Tree Square Salad Bowl by Spode

Portmeirion Holly & Ivy Square Plate 8.5" Set of 6

Portmeirion Holly & Ivy Square Plate 8.5" Set of 6

Setting up a Christmas Table


Did you ever do any jugglery to find the correct hot theme and dinnerware for a Christmas dinner party?

Pfaltzgraff exclusives dinner sets are so attractive that they look gorgeous with a black and golden rim. A large dinner set comes in various options – starting from 4, it can include around 12 guests. It comprises of dinner plates, salad plate, bread and butter plate, teacup, saucer and bowls.  Delicately decorated, hand-painted collection of Versace looks awesome in square collection. 

I love tableware that evokes the grandeur and colors from Italian cuisine.  Subtle palette of pale orange and cream, pink rose and burnt sienna are vivid shades from Mediterranean region. Varying shades of indigo and emerald green create a bright, cheerful setting for any festive season. This year bring out the sweet and cherished memories of Christmas from a panorama of stunning colors that look ingenious. They are all the perfect colour choice for this joyful occasion. A rainbow assortment of fruits and grains will just look right on these platters.

Choice of Dinner Sets






The Christmas tree dinner set is always a good option because it looks so divine and unique that all the goodies served on those dishes look tempting. Wines served in martini glasses make the delicious beverage look more sinful and appetizing.






Chocolates served in a square platter can appear deadly enticing. Well it’s time to recreate the magic of a brilliant dinner setup on the Christmas table decked with the antique china plates, porcelain and pottery in all square.







For a change, go for square cutlery this Xmas to jazz the table. Make sure that your table-runner, napkins are also matching; set the table with a planned Christmas theme and it will be a sure–shot success for a great get together and a family reunion.

Slate Blue with Rust Waves Dinnerware Set

Made to Order
Service for Eight in Slate Blue with Rust Waves Dinnerware Set - Ma...

Traditional Oval Platters and Bowls for Christmas

Round Shaped Dinnerware is Common

Oval is a shape that is much liked, a design and a form something between square and round. Christmas dinnerware in oval shape looks gorgeous. Oval bowls and oval platters look good on a table that has a table cloth in soft shades and they perfectly compliment the other side dishes, cutlery and the food. Salad served in an oval platter looks might tasty, an oval soup bowl with a handle is very comfortable for serving and passing on.

Dinnerware Square Sets

Dinnerware square sets are offbeat, different and classic, the square plates, matching mugs and dessert bowls look outstanding. It is definitely an alluring addition to any holiday table whether it is Christmas, or any other occasion. Of course, the finest in quality, come with a price tag but you can always get a bargain price on Amazon’s online stores.

The wonderful translucent square sets in cutlery look gorgeous with wonderfully crafted details and different shades. If you are looking for Christmas dishes for a perfect classy and unique touch, this is the dinnerware which makes you feel that you deserve it and you ought to buy this and nothing else. It has that appeal that stalls you after witnessing it and tells you in your heart that this is the perfect masterpiece and you need not look further. Most of the dinnerware sets are microwave and dishwasher safe too.

Which is your favourite dinnerware set?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/15/2023

Square dinnerware sets seem like such conversation pieces in case talk flags even as I think of round dinnerware sets as so convenient for being angled into packed shelves!

Flat Square Platters for Christmas Feast

Charming flat platters rimmed in gold will add to your Christmas holiday delight and dinner table. After seeing them, you will definitely not hesitate to buy them because they have that festive, glamorous look with persuasive colours. 

Moreover, you can use matching table accessories and they look absolutely fine. Square is a design that goes with all types of colors. Red, blue, pink and green, they are even great for a romantic night. What’s more they are dish-washer safe, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them while washing. Affordable and reasonably priced, they are just the right thing for the celebrations and perfect for your Christmas dinner party.

Square Dinnerware from eBay

Square Dinner Sets on YouTube

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Do you like the symmetric square tableware?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/15/2023

In particular, I appreciate the accessibility and simplicity of the stainless steel illuminated square trays. The Lenox set enchants me with its accessible, simple surfaces where colors and designs do not compete with one another or with the food!

I think that I've not seen oval bowls and plates even as I have seen oval platters. Wouldn't oval bowls and plates -- because of their different-sized sides -- be a bit disadvantageous for getting everything nicely in them?

WriterArtist on 12/11/2015

@younghopes - any theme that is well set looks beautiful.

younghopes on 11/25/2013

so beautiful, i love all of these

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