Tropical Christmas Tree Skirts

by dustytoes

Christmas tree skirts with tropical flowers, seashells and beach themes.

Decorate the tropical Christmas tree in seashells and beachy ornaments, and finish it off with a tree skirt to match the theme. For those who live in a warm climate the holiday season means incorporating some nautical elements.

Christmas tree skirts are the finishing element to add after the tree is all decorated. Tree skirts can be plain and simple or beaded and extravagant. In general, stores tend to carry traditional red and green colors or winter themes. To find offbeat and unique tree skirts, one will need to shop elsewhere.

At Zazzle a tree skirt can be personalized, with a monogram, family name or custom saying. I'll show you some options on this page, and they will all have a coastal theme.

Easily change the background color

Zazzle now offers a color selection right on the product page.  Each designer chooses which colors to show for products and they will appear on the right-hand side of the page.

The sand dollar and starfish tree skirt design below comes with many color options.  Just click the image and you will be taken to the product page where all the color choices will be shown.

Select a Favorite Background Color

This "beach wreath" sand dollar tree skirt comes in many colors.
Choose your color tree skirts with sand dollars and starfish
Choose your color tree skirts with sand dollars and starfish

Zazzle's Tree Skirt Fabric

All the tree skirts on this page measure 44 inches in diameter.  They come in three types of material, and all are made in the USA.  

  1. The Brushed Polyester is the cheapest choice, and is machine washable, but lay flat to dry.
  2. Faux Linen is also machine washable, lay flat to dry.  This one is five dollars more.
  3. The Coral Fleece is spot clean or dry clean only.

There are no snaps or ties to close the opening, which makes it easy to fit around any size tree.

Christmas Tree Skirts With a Starfish Beach Theme

Starfish, or sea stars, are a popular choice for any type of beach themed decor.  Aside from sand dollars, the starfish is one of the most sought after "sea shells" for beach-combers.

The starfish used for the tree skirt designs in my shop are either white, 5-legged sea stars or brown, 5-legged sea stars.  These types are the most easily recognized, even though starfish come in a variety of sizes and can have more than five legs.

The starfish and holly leaves graphic design I have created is one that sells very well in my Holiday Store on the Zazzle site.

Aqua and Turquoise Christmas Tree Skirts

Aqua Blue Starfish and holly tree skirt
Aqua Blue Starfish and holly tree skirt
Turquoise Seashells Tree Skirt
Turquoise Seashells Tree Skirt

No matter where you live, do you set up themed Christmas trees?

Tropical Designs for Under the Holiday Tree

I love to work with flowers in my designs, so of course I made floral tree skirts.  

The hibiscus flower is probably the most prominent tropical flower.  It grows in a variety of bright colors and the bloom can be huge.

Plumeria flowers are used to make Hawaiian leis.  They also grow in a range of colors, but are smaller than hibiscus.  I've also made Christmas tree skirts using the plumeria flower.

The bird-of-paradise is a stand-out specimen for it's unusual shape, bright color and large bloom.  Pointed, bright yellow petals mix with blue and green colors on the end of a long stem.


Hawaiian and Tropical Floral Designs

Hibiscus Green Christmas Tree skirt
Hibiscus Green Christmas Tree skirt
Orange Bird-of-paradise Flowers Tree Skirt
Orange Bird-of-paradise Flowers Tree ...

Flamingoes For Christmas

Flamingoes adorned in holiday wreaths make a unique pattern on our tropical themed Christmas tree skirts.  Their bright pink color matches aqua blue or beach sand tan quite well to create a lovely skirt for under the tree.

People who live in warm climates sometimes like to carry that theme into the holiday decor.  At the Holiday Store we wanted to give our customers another tropical option and pink birds fit the bill!  Already the Flamingo skirts and other items are selling like hotcakes.

Our flamingoes don't wear Santa hats, instead they have hibiscus and holly wreaths around their necks.  They make a circular pattern around the edge of the skirt and stand among white sand dollars and pink starfish / sea stars. 

We have a couple of tree skirts featuring the flamingos, and also greeting cards and other paper goods.

Click the image below to view the entire Flamingo design collection.

Flamingo Christmas Tree Skirts

Choose a favorite color. See the product pages for more details.
Lavender Christmas Flamingos Tree Skirt
Lavender Christmas Flamingos Tree Skirt
Navy Blue Flamingo Tree Skirt
Navy Blue Flamingo Tree Skirt

Personalized Tree Skirts With Family Name

Personalized tree skirts with rounded text along the front edge can contain a family name.  Or create your own holiday saying.

I have made a few tree skirts with this option.  People love to create something that is their own, and adding a family name can definitely do that.

Tree Skirts to Personalize

Each of these skirts has a text template with wording which will wrap around the front of the skirt.
Personalized Beach Themed Tree Skirt
Personalized Beach Themed Tree Skirt
Updated: 10/02/2023, dustytoes
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blackspanielgallery on 08/06/2015

You have a nice selection. Zazzle has so many original designs, it is a good place to look for something different.

sheilamarie on 08/05/2015

These are cheerful Christmas options, Dustytoes. They'd be great especially for those who live by the seashore.

dustytoes on 08/05/2015

When I lived in Florida, I collected tropical themed ornaments each year. I like that look too, even though I live in the northeast now.

dustytoes on 08/05/2015

Sounds like you need a tropical tree skirt Digby ;)

CruiseReady on 08/05/2015

These are just fabulous! I really like a tropical look at Christmas!

Digby_Adams on 08/04/2015

I love Christmas trees and usually have two or three of them. I admit that I'm pretty traditional, but our home is on the coast of Maine and I think the green tree skirt with starfish and holly would be lovely with my ornaments.

WriterArtist on 08/04/2015

Beautiful Christmas tree skirts with starfish and marine life. Lovely themes and they will look great with matching decor.

candy47 on 08/04/2015

Such lovely designs, bright and cheery!

dustytoes on 08/04/2015

Thanks very much younghopes.

younghopes on 08/04/2015

So pretty Pam, i just loved these, very nice designs

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