Twitter Application to take your Site or Business Higher

by Jennywrites

Twitter can take your blog or business to a new height if you know what you are doing.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging site that allows users to send and receive messages that are 140 characters or shorter.  There are many applications that allow people to write longer messages, but people have gotten very creative with how to use their 140 characters.

Twitter is filled with many other entrepreneurs, famous people, and even people who just want to converse with like-minded people.  There is a lot of spam on twitter, but you can tweak who you follow and who you don't.

If you know and understand how to use twitter, you can see your site or business grow quickly.  Twitter is an amazing tool, if used correctly!

How to Use Twitter

Using Twitter Effectively

You could waste several hours a day on twitter, and feel like you are getting nowhere quickly.  Don't! Learn how to effectively use twitter, and be happy that you did when you start reaping the benefits!

Twitter is social media network, that is built on relationships.  People like to converse and chat through twitter and build relationships.  The best way to get any site, or business recognized through twitter is to build a relationship with your followers.  This will help people to take what you say more serious.

You want to work on building relationships.  How do you do that on twitter?  We are going to assume you already have tons of followers.  If you don't, then you will need to gain followers first.  You can do it in a few different ways.  Talk and ask questions.  If people start answering you back, that is a good sign that you are building relationships.  If nobody answers you, or you don't have many followers, then you will need to build relationships in a different way.  You can search twitter for a specific keyword, and follow the people who are talking, and reply to them.  For instance, if I was working on my garden all day, I would go into twitter, and search "garden", and I see that joeD said he had been in the garden all day, then I would reply to him.  "I just got out of my garden too, great day to garden! "  Or ask him a question "@JoeD what kind of garden do you have? Flowers? Fruit? vegetables?"  that will start a friendly conversation between the two of you, and chances are Joe will realize he's not following you and follow you.  So you are building relationships, and building your following!!

One of the best twitter applications to use to build your relationships is tweet attack. Tweet attack has many different features.  One of the best features is the feature to search twitter for a keyword and then respond.  If you are looking to send the same message to all the people (you can have like 1,000 responses) but I highly recommend not using it as spam.  Use it to build your relationships.  It will search for all the tweets that used that keyword.  Then you will get a huge list.  You can then go down that list and write personal messages to each message you see.  So if someone said "I have a bug problem in my garden" you could ask "what kind of bugs are disturbing your garden."  Make them more personal.  You wouldn't respond to their message and say "I have a flower garden"  Once you go down the list, tweet attack allows you to then send them one a time to all the people.  It's a lot faster, and a lot less time consuming to build your relationships with tweet attack.  Once you send out your tweets make sure you are watching your @mentions so that you can keep the communication going back and forth with the people.

There are other great modules in tweet attack that will help you to promote your business or site. You can load your tweet attack to schedule several tweets throughout the day.  Some people will load their blog posts to just tweet throughout the day.  This is a great feature.  They may tweet the same tweets each day, and that is ok because sometimes people won't click on a link the first time they see it, but they might click on it the second, third, or 100th time that they've seen it.  It's ok to be consistent when promoting.  This might have people who are following very few people stop following you.  It's ok.  Not everyone is going to like what you are doing, but make sure you continue to build your relationships. Relationships are important in the world of social media networking!

More Twitter Tools


Another tool that works well in conjunction with tweet attack is tweet adder.  It's definitely not to replace tweet attack, but is great for their follow and unfollow features.  It's not as robust, but has some great features.  This tool can help you build your followers, as well as clean out the people that aren't following you back to give you more room to follow new people. 

Make Friends

The most successful businesses that use twitter, are those who have learned to build relationships.  Those people who communicate back and forth and don't just send out ads all day long.  One last great tool to help you track your success with relationship building is klout.  Klout analyzes the way you use your twitter, and scores you accordingly.  It's a fun tool to make sure you are on target with your relationship building.  The higher your klout, the more influential you are thought to be. 

Have fun with your twitter as you build your success!

Updated: 06/01/2011, Jennywrites
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