Moving to the Dominican Republic

by Jennywrites

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country and many people may have thought about moving, but is it possible? Can you live a decent life in the Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic

Moving to the Dominican Republic
The Carribean - Dominican Republic
The Carribean - Dominican Republic

Think it through

Don't Just Jump into Such a Big Decision

Moving to another country is a big decision to make, so make sure you truly explore all options thoroughly.  You are giving up the comforts and luxaries of your home to a country that is just starting to develop.  It's a gorgeous place to live, but make sure you know what you are truly getting into.

How Will you Survive?

Do you have a job if you move to the Dominican Republic or will you need to get one? You can look online and search for some job opportunities.  Are you willing to work in a different field? The job opportunities are very limited.  Many people go months and even years without a job.  Are you able to be flexible? There is a great chance you won't find the work that you are doing in your country.

Do you realize you will take a huge pay cut? You might be making good money now, but when you move to the Dominican Republic, your wages are going to be lower, and you might have trouble affording the luxaries you once had.  Is that a problem?  Do you have dreams and thoughts of traveling home a few times each year? There is a chance you won't make enough to do that.  How will you get home?

Where Will you Live?

Some people make the poor choice of finding a place to live online before they come to the country.  They may have visited certain areas and thought it would be a good idea for them to move there, but there is more to finding a place than by knowing a name.  DEFINITELY DON'T BUY without living there! Don't buy a home unless you are sure of the neighborhood.  The towns and cities ar emade up of many different neighborhoods.  It's very important to truly know what the neighborhood is like.  I highly recommend going there with temporary living arrangements whether it be a hotel, or someone you know until you can find the right neighborhood.  Each neighborhood has it's own issues.  Ask around and get to know about where exactly your home will be located.  Don't rush! You will regret it!

How Will you Commute?

Most Dominicans don't drive.  If you are able to bring down a car, that is wonderful.  If you are to bring over your car you will need to learn the public way of transportation.  Depending on the city or area you will be living in, there are concho's, taxi's (very expensive), gua-gua's and public cars.  Learn the routes and you shouldn't have any problem. 

Be Careful!

You are not from here, and everyone knows you are a foreigner.  You must be rich, so they want what you've got.  Guys/Girls will be all over you wanting a piece of you because you are rich.  Don't be foolish.  Be careful with your stuff.  Becareful at first who you can trust, and what people's intentions are.  Do not walk with your purse on your arm.  Don't walk with your blackberry in your hand, be careful!  There is crime here.  Don't be a victim!  Don't make yourself a victim!


This deserves a whole article in itself.  Don't ever consider someone truly falling in-love with you at first sight.  Get to know people.  If love is what you are in search of, you will find it here.  Don't give every person who smiles at you your number.  Take things slow and adjust to the country before finding a love. 

Updated: 05/25/2011, Jennywrites
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chefkeem on 05/25/2011

Lots of common-sense advice, Jenny. Great article! :)

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