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Udemy is a website that teaches people through course content for free or you can get paid for creating course content that others could benefit and learn from.

Become A Paid Instructor With Udemy.com

Help People Learn And Then Earn By Selling Online Courses

Udemy is a fantastic site that Oli from Thisisfreelance.com who shared his find with us. It's a site that you can sign up for free and set up brand new courses and tutorials that are either free or you can charge people to access them. This is a brilliant idea and one that I seized the opportunity of straight away.

Firstly if you have existing video tutorials on youtube you can import them into a course, but it's highly recommended that you create brand new content to sell and maybe import your existing content as free learning courses. That way your students won't be disappointed if they later find out they could have watched your video content for free on YouTube or some other video sharing site.

Udemy opens up other learning opportunities with things like Presentations and PDF documents which help to provide a variety of learning options as well as Video and separate Audio like the idea of Podcasts which can be more suited to the self development area and things that can be explained with words. The very idea of creating online courses that can earn you money is a thrilling prospect and one that could help provide you with an extra income through sharing your expertise or knowledge.

So far I've created a free course which consists of 3 videos imported from one of my YouTube accounts and that course is How To Draw Fantasy Creatures which as you can tell is an art video course and I hope to create brand new paid course content that will inspire other artists to draw from their own imaginations. Of course if you look at other expert instructors on the site, you'll find that there are Software experts, Business experts and some other Crafters out there showing you how to make Jewelry and many other different types of experts, but as the site might be fairly new there are some great categories to be filled and you could dominate a certain topic as an expert paid instructor.

Udemy also has an affiliate program which you simply add your Paypal email address so that you can get paid and you can pretty much promote most of the existing products on the site if it fits with what you would like to promote and try and earn from. And you can see your clicks and any sales that you make with a very basic stats dashboard it seems. Will see how that goes and see if they upgrade this stats package as it does seem really basic!

The possibilities with this site are vast if you have lots of course content already written up and created on your hard drive or you create content quite regular anyway as you can quite quickly create paid and free courses to promote your brand of expertise.

Updated: 01/18/2012, onepagearticles
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Get Paid To Teach

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/05/2023

The fifth paragraph to the first subheading, Become A Paid Instructor With Udemy.com, approaches the stats-package dashboard as "basic."

The information ends with hope for statistical upgrades. Has that happened?

onepagearticles on 01/20/2012

Your Welcome! Still seems like a great site as there are some very interesting free courses on there that have inspired me to create good quality content courses of my own! cheers now!

jimmie on 01/19/2012

Thank you! This is something I am VERY interested in. I am going to research this site.

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