Ugly Christmas Sweaters

by candy47

Christmas sweaters are usually pretty and festive and fun. Wouldn't you like to step away from that stereotype and introduce your friends to the ugly and tacky and weird?

They used to be a mockery, something people pointed at then whispered and laughed, but ugly Christmas sweaters have finally come into their own in the world of fashion. Well, maybe you won't see them on the runway at fashion shows but they are worn by men, women and children, and they are worn proudly. You might be invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party or you're throwing one yourself, either way you must make your choice carefully if you want to walk away with first prize at the ugly Christmas sweater contest. Let the games begin...

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Uglier the Better

With a big yellow bow

Ugly Christmas sweaters are not for the faint of heart. In order to impress your friends (and win any contests) you are obligated to wear the tackiest, loudest most difficult to look at sweater. Remember, all eyes will be on you. If you can find a sweater with flashing lights, wear it and wear it proudly.

Flashing Lights

With just the flip of a switch you can light up the party in a stunning ugly Christmas sweater vest. You will probably feel intellectual wearing it.

Then of course what would Christmas be without a cute kitten tangled up in Christmas lights. I especially like the candy cane neckline on this one. Flip the switch and you're lit!

A more traditional style is a fireplace with stockings hung with care with a Christmas wreath above. This ugly Christmas sweater comes with lights that are motion activated.  Who could ask for anything more.

And The Winner Is...

If this faux elf design doesn't win first place in the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest, you're wearing it wrong.  This is actually a long sleeve t-shirt but it has everything associated with Christmas.  Candy canes, gingerbread men, holly sprigs, elf bells, a belt with gold buckle and probably more stuff that I missed.  Everything is printed on the shirt but everyone will be doing double-takes because it looks so real.


  • The style is not important. It can be a pullover, button down cardigan, turtle neck or vest. If, when you see it you think to yourself “I could never wear that.” That's the one.
  • Correct fit is overrated. Too big or too small will work to your advantage in an ugly Christmas sweater contest. An ill-fitting sweater could be the deal breaker for the judges.


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Updated: 12/08/2015, candy47
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DerdriuMarriner on 07/21/2017

candy47, It's the candy cane collar that turns the tangled cat sweater into the ugly category unless there's something else on the back.

CruiseReady on 09/20/2015

Oh my goodness, I must agree about the elf sweater... it REALLY takes the ugly cake!

Mira on 09/20/2015

I like the idea of using these Christmas sweaters and sweater vests to bring smiles on people's faces :) It's a great tradition! :)

candy47 on 09/20/2015

The Elf is my favorite too Mira.

Mira on 09/20/2015

These sweaters can be great fun! The elf sweater was my favorite.

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