Unique Retirement Party Invitations

by Nelda_Hoxie

Set the tone for a retirement party with the perfect invitation. Selection includes golf, fishing, funny and elegant invitations.

A retirement party is a chance to thank someone for many years of service. It's important to select just the right retirement invites, because these set the tone for the party and gifts. There are humorous retirement party invitations that show the person fishing, golfing or relaxing at the beach. There are elegant retirement party invites that are perfect for a person who is always stylishly dressed and is more formal. Some retirement invitations are just colorful and fun, like our favorite people.

Selecting a pre-made retirement party invitation means that we don't have to think about the wording, color scheme, or design. That gives us time to focus on the party and the person There are many fabulous and unique designs on Zazzle. The artists there have created very unique designs. When you select one of these, you can often personalize it with the person's name and make it special.

Colorful Surprise Retirement Party Invitation

This festive design is perfect for any retirement party

If you aren't sure how the subject of the retirement party feels about humor, this colorful surprise party invitation is perfect. There is nothing worse than missing the point that a party is a surprise and blabbering it to the person. Therefore I love the fact that this invitation begins with a huge surprise. 

The black background really pops the colorful text. I love the mixture of fancy script for Suprise Party and the block script for retirement. It is neither too masculine or to feminine, so it works for both men and women. 

The Zazzle artist lets you modify most of the text, so you can personalize it as much as you want.

Fishing Retirement Party Invites

Send your favorite fisherman off in style

Any fisherman will tell you that a bad day fishing is better than a good day in the office. Many people, both men and women, love to fish and plan on spending their retirement years fishing. Centering their retirement party on something they are looking forward to is fun and optimistic. It also provides people with great ideas for retirement gifts. It can be hard to know what to give someone who seemingly has it all, but fishermen love to get fishing gadgets. 

Each of the retirement party invitations shown here have a different feel to them. The first gives the feel of being on the water and is done in blue. The second is more rustic and has the feel of a fishing shack. Both men and women will relate to the first two. Third is obviously fora male fisherman. 

All of the party invitations can be customized with the person's name and party details. You can use this to add any other instructions and helpful hints. Some invitations say no gifts, while others recommend the person's favorite sporting goods store. It's very much like an engaged couple registering at a store. Most of us like to bring a gift to a party. 

Stylish Retirement Party Invitation for a Businesswoman

Thank her for all she has done for the company

Every office has one of those women who are always there to help anyone who needs it. She's always the first to pitch in on a big project and she knows where everything is. If your company is losing this person to retirement, then this is the perfect retirement party invite. 

It's stylish and hip and creates the perfect retirement party vibe. You can personalize the poem to acknowledge the special role she played at your company. You can warn people if it's a surprise. She'll keep this invitation as a reminder of your thank you and the great party you gave her. 

Golf Retirement Party Invitations

Wish Your Golfer Many Happy Putts

When golfers retire they often envision spending seven days a week on the golf course. They no longer have to squeeze tee times into their busy schedule. Golf becomes their new day job. A golf-themed retirement party is a fun way to celebrate a person's past success and their future fun. 

Zazzle artists have designed many golf retirement party invitations. I like the simple design of these two. They are good for both men and women. The artists allow you to customize the invitation. So you can add the phrase "Surprise Party" if the retiree doesn't know about the party. 

There are also envelopes and golf retirement stamps that you can purchase to create the perfect invitation package.

Newspaper Announcement Retirement Party Invitation

This invite is definitely an attention grabber

This retirement party invitation is humorous and a little edgy. It's a flat design on one sheet of paper that looks like newsprint. You can easily insert the retiree's photo on to the invitation. The back can be customized with the retirement party details. I guarantee that he'll frame his and hang it in his home.

Capturing a person's spirit and joie de vivre is the fun part of throwing any kind of party. Retirement parties can be bittersweet because they celebrate an ending and a new beginning. Some people aren't sure what the new beginning is. Keeping the mood light and festive helps the transition.

Elegant Retirement Party Invitations

Suitable for formal retirement parties

If you're in charge of planning a formal or black tie retirement party, Zazzle designers have you covered. These elegant invitations look like they came from the most expensive print shop. You'll love the designs and the price. 

The one one the left has a stylish bow with a jewel in the center. Perfect for a woman who made it to the top in her career. While the jewel looks so real it could be an embellishment, it's not. All designs are graphic on Zazzle.

The formal invitation on the right could be for a man or woman. An Art Deco frame surrounds the retirement announcement.

Colorful Retirement Party Invite

Retirement Party Invitations

When people receive one of these festive retirement party invitations, they will immediately be transported into a party mood. Bright colors, stars and swirls definitely signal that this is the beginning of a new chapter in the retiree's life. 

Updated: 12/07/2014, Nelda_Hoxie
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Nelda_Hoxie on 05/15/2015

Thank you Mira. I love it as well. There are a lot of retired guys on Cape Cod who spend their time fishing.

Mira on 05/15/2015

I like these. My favorite is the one with the guy who's fishing.

Nelda_Hoxie on 05/10/2015

I didn't know about Zazzle until I read about it here. Now I also design things there. It's a tremendous about of fun.

CruiseReady on 05/09/2015

Very nice selection of retirement party invitations. Those Zazzlers sure are talented. I think my favorite is the newspaper one, as it's a real headline when some people finally retire.

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