Unlocking your potential for Success

by oluwadey

I discovered that everything you ever need to be a success is already in you. I will share some revealing thoughts that I believe will propel you to greater heights.

During my quiet time, I was meditating on a wonderful and inspiring song by a leading Nigerian singer. I listened with rapt attention to the lyrics of the song and I would share the excerpts of the lyrics before going into the details of what I intend to share.

Inspiring song Quotes

“You don’t have to go 3600

Now it’s time to go 180.

You don’t have to climb the highest mountain

All you’re looking for is WITHIN YOU

Open the eyes of your mind, your ears and mouth

As I sing my song…………..,

We still live in yesterday

Many today, are wasting away, but never the less, it’s never late

The times have changed, I thought you knew

That this world will never ever wait for you…………..

………….goes the lyrics”.

A careful look at the lyrics above tells something; everything you ever want and desire in life depends on you.

We live in a period of season and times. Ten, twenty years ago is not the same today. Economic uncertainty is becoming more shocking. The love of many has gone cold; murder, hunger, betrayal has become the order of the day.

On the pages of newspapers, you read about downsizing, downgrading, mass sacking of employees and staffs, etc. This is a period and moment that you have to wake up from your slumber.

I discovered that there is a latent ability that God has given everybody, whether you are black or white. The discovery of that latent ability is what you ever need.

The truth of the matter is that you can never have all in life, but you can still have materials, possessions, money - that can sustain and make you happy all the rest of your life.

Just sit down and think of the gifts and natural abilities you have.

I discovered some interesting trend in the labour market now. I discovered that companies, organizations and employers are willing to employ and pay high money to people of talents and skills rather that the ordinary educated fellow. You should have something that makes you better than the other fellow.

Highly successful companies and organizations always employ people with skills and talents. Life is much more than just going to school, obtaining a degree and so on. You need to free up your potential; you need to wake up the sleeping giant in you.

It all begins with you….

Updated: 07/11/2011, oluwadey
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sheilamarie on 07/14/2011

Thanks for the encouragement. It's so easy to get discouraged and to feel a failure. Your words give a person hope.

ohcaroline on 07/13/2011

Excellent words of wisdom. We all are born and gifted. Ours is to find those gifts and use them.

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