Urban Decay Naked 2 Review

by Angel

Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette review.

Urban Decay eye shadows are all great. They put out the Naked palette awhile back with 12 velvety smooth neutrals in the palette and they quickly became popular. The new Naked 2 palette just came out and I received my new one! I have been so excited to use this palette this week and report back how I like it compared to the original Naked palette.

Original Naked Palette vs Naked 2

The original Naked palette included 12 warm neutral toned eye shadows. They were all great shadows but I personally felt they were too warm for my cool skin tone. I was really excited when I saw swatches of the new Naked 2 palette that was soon to be released. All of the colors looked a lot cooler with velvety smooth taupes, browns, and silvers. After receiving the palette and having a chance to wear them I agree. They are much cooler colors and I like!

All of the colors are great in both palettes but I much prefer Naked 2 because of my skin tone. I don't think you would need both palettes but if you are looking for a great palette to use for every day then I think one of these palettes would be a great choice.

I also received a sample size of Urban Decay's Lip Junkie lip gloss in Naked. It is a vanilla mint tasting lip gloss with high shine and no stickiness. Great little addition to my purchase.   The Naked 2 palette also comes with a dual ended brush that has been great for applying my eye colors from Urban Decay.


Colors and Swatches

Take a look at the swatches below of all 12 colors on my arm.

The colors included are from left to right:

  • Foxy – highlight shade - matte creamy vanilla color
  • Half Baked – was also in the original Naked palette – coppery shimmer color
  • Booty Call – highlight shade – shimmer vanilla color
  • Chopper – darker copper shimmery color
  • Tease – matte plum color
  • Snakebite – shimmery brown color
  • Suspect – shimmery light brown or campaign color
  • Pistol – shimmery metal color
  • Verve –another light campaign color
  • YDK – another very shimmery copper color
  • Busted – dark shimmery color with a plum undertone
  • Blackout – black matte color

Review of the Colors

A lot of these colors are very similar yet have just enough different shade to them to make you want all of them. The original Naked palette also had Half Baked in it. That is the only carry over from the original palette.

The Foxy color I can do without. It does not have enough pigment to show very much on the eye. It does not show up much at all on my eye.

My favorites are Busted, Verve, Pistol, Suspect, Booty Call, and YDK. I have tried looks with all of the colors but keep coming back to those colors. The texture of the shadow is great. The brush that comes with the palette is also pretty good for a free brush. I have applied all of my colors with this brush so far. The colors stay on all day. I use a primer of course so I would suggest you do the same if you want any eye shadow to last. Having said that, they go all day with the same shimmer they had when I applied them.

There are far more shimmery colors in this palette than mattes. I like that since I am a sparkle barbie kind of girl anyway. So make sure you like sparkles if you get this palette.   

Naked or Naked 2?

Overall I am very pleased with my $50 purchase. I went to Sephora to get my palette. Amazon also has it for the same price. If you like cooler tones then I would go for Naked 2. Warmer tones go with the original Naked. I do not think you would really need both. Of course, I have both but I review makeup! I just don't think it is worth spending $100 to get both. Now, if you have purchased Naked and you were like me and wanted cooler tones then by all means go for it. You will get a lot cooler tones with this palette with the same quality and texture as Naked.


Buy Naked or Naked 2 Palettes Here

Naked and Naked 2 from Amazon
Urban Decay Naked2
Only $58.99
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Only $89.00

Great Review on Naked 2

I Agree with Everything in Her Review

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Updated: 02/25/2012, Angel
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Angel on 02/26/2012

Brenda and Katie - I am telling you... this palette is one to get. I love it. The colors go with everything. They are so smooth and creamy too. You girls gotta get them. Urban Decay keeps selling out too. They are just as popular as the original Naked palette. I like them because they are a little bit cooler tones....

katiem2 on 02/26/2012

I love all of the colors on her arm, just my shades, all earth tones look really good on me, I love blending shadows till I get just what looks the best. As always thanks for the great makeup tips.

BrendaReeves on 02/26/2012

Those look good enough to eat. Bronze is my favorite color for eye shadow.

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