Sweet Valentine Day Barbie Dolls

by Marie

A Barbie doll for Valentine's Day makes for a sweet and often inexpensive gift for special little girls as well as collectors of this famous and much loved fashion doll.

A Valentine Day Barbie Doll makes a really wonderful gift for a little girl on February 14th as well as being ideal for the doll collector who loves to put her out on display and show her off.

If you are purchasing older editions then you will easily find them listed on popular auction sites like eBay. The ones shown on this page all come from Amazon which has a fantastic range if you know how to search through all their listings and there are often multiple photos which you can see on visiting the product page.

A Sweet Heart Barbie for Valentine's Day

Isn't she gorgeous! The Barbie Heart Association Doll was made in honour of the Heart Association and is one of the most gorgeous dolls to put on display for February 14th. The Heart Doll is wearing a sculpted, red chiffon gown which is stunning. This is a collector doll and the dress isn't removable in this instance - she's ideal for display but not for playing with. You can find many more selections below but none as stunning as this one!

Holiday of the Heart Barbie - Full of Movie Star Glamor
Barbie Heart Association Doll
Only $29.95

Ideal for Little Girls to Play With

These fashion Barbies look modern in their up-to-date clothes. They're ideal to gift to a girl who appreciates cute dolls wearing styles that she can relate to and wants to wear herself. There's a Valentine Wishes who wears a pretty, layered or tiered dress which has a mini heart design. She comes with a sweet heart necklace, pink sparkly shoes and a cute heart barette for girls.

The I Love Valentine version has a sweet, heart motif dress which is fashionably clinched in at the waist with a belt. Even her shoes are decorated with hearts. She comes with a heart-shaped ring for girls to wear. The Glam doll wears a short and cute red and pink dress. I love her accessories which are a gold color heart necklace and a little heart purse.

Modern and Cute Sweet Heart Barbies
Barbie Valentine Doll
$12.99  $6.43
Barbie I Love Valentines African-American Doll
$13.99  $12.99

Traditional Versions

Romantic Styling with an Old Fashioned Appeal

I adore dolls almost as much as my young daughter but I prefer those who wear traditional and romantic styled long dresses and gowns - just like characters from the past or from fairy tales. Long, floating gowns are beautiful and are perfectly pretty to put on display.

The Barbie Fair version is dressed in an 18th Century style outfit (Rococo or Late Baroque) which is just like something out of a classic fairy tale book. She has gorgeous, dark brown hair which is swept up and accented with a pink rose. Her period costume is layered with different fabrics and is very sweet. Just like a classic English rose beauty.

Sweet Valentine is a Hallmark Special Edition of a pretty in pink Southern Belle. She wears a pink dress which has been made to look like it's fashioned from satin fabric. The dress has short puff sleeves and has romantic rose accents on it. She looks just like she's waiting to dance with the man of her dreams.

If none of these catch your eye, I have some more featured just below for you to look at. They were not issued as specific toys for this season but they are dressed in pinks and reds and ideal for display or for gifting to someone over the holiday which is for hearts who love dolls.

They simply look gorgeous on display. They are relatively inexpensive to collect, compared with other brands of collector toys and you can easily purchase extra clothes, shoes and accessories for them too. You can easily pose her on a sofa, a chair, a bed or even in a house - so you don't necessarily need a stand. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. You can see many more of these when you shop on Amazon.

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Barbie Valentines Day Doll
Only $12.99
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Does a Valentine Barbie make a great gift?

Marie on 01/04/2012

Thanks Paul. Yes there is a Barbie to match every occasion!

pkmcr on 01/04/2012

Gosh I didn't realise there was a Valentine Barbie - but then there would have to be wouldn't there! Nicely done

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