Heart Shaped Cookie Decorating Ideas

by Marie

Here's some cute Valentine Cookie Decorating Ideas for easy but great looking heart shaped or romantic cookies you can make. Heart cookies are fun to create and make sweet gifts.

Here's a great selection of heart shaped decorating ideas and inspiration for cookies which you can use along with your shaped cutters for Valentine's Day baking or for any other romantic occasion such as anniversaries, weddings and engagements - or any other I love you timing. Maybe even just because.

Sugar cookies are a nice, quick and easy sweet treat to make and they make wonderful gifts to give to family and friends. I bake these for school, charity fund-raisers, seasonal gifts and also as an occasional treat. Enjoy finding some great ideas for your decorating this year.

Decorating Ideas for Cookies This Valentine's Day

With all the cute heart shaped cutters available, it's easy to create great looking cookies in no time at all. You can leave the dough plain or decorate with chocolate, sugar frosting or fondant icing which comes in a packet ready to roll! Heart shaped cookies are perfect for Valentine's Day but also great for weddings, anniversaries, romantic occasions and just as a cute treat to offer to someone you care about. My daughter loves it when I pop these cute shaped treats into her school lunch bag. They're a super sweet surprise!

Sweetheart Candy Themed Designs

Sweet Heart Candy Valentine Cookies
Sweet Heart Candy Valentine Cookies
Sweetheart Candy as Inspiration

I love the way Sweethearts Conversation Hearts have been used as inspiration for these rather brilliant heart-shaped cookies. The dough is coated in a smooth poured icing which is made from fine confectioners' sugar with the addition of your chosen food coloring. The written detail icing on top can be made using Royal Icing although you can purchase microwaveable cookie icing bottles to do just the same thing with even less mess for you. 

Rich Red Fondant Heart Cookies

Red Fondant Iced Cookies
Red Fondant Iced Cookies
Marie Williams Johnstone
Decorative Iced Designs Easier to Make than they Look

Making beautiful and decorative fondant heart cookies isn't really hard at all. Fondant icing has a matt finish unlike sugar frosting or a smooth poured icing which normally has a satin sheen.

Fondant icing is soft but won't crack or crumble so you can press shapes into the icing in order to decorate it. You can also easily layer up different colors and shapes of fondant icing which can look fabulous. You can buy special tools to decorate your fondant icing or you can see how to make this heart cookie with no special tools.

See How to Make these Red Fondant Heart Cookies Here

Ice Cream Sandwich

These gorgeous Chocolate Heart Ice Cream Sandwich cookies are made with 2 thin chocolate cookies holding in your favorite ice cream. The recipe, inspired by Martha Stewart, uses strawberry ice cream but I prefer a chocolate and cherry combination myself.

If someone gave me these as a yummy desert, I'd be very happy! They look really delicious and are easy to make and prepare. You can also prepare these edibles ahead of time, with the ice-cream filling and store in your freezer for a couple of days.

Sandwich Heart Cookies

Sandwich Heart Cookies
Sandwich Heart Cookies

Rainbow Sprinkles and Chocolate

Mini Sugar Heart Cookies with Chocolate and Sprinkles
Mini Sugar Heart Cookies with Chocolate and Sprinkles
by Marie Williams Johnstone
Chocolate Dipped Fun

These Sprinkle Heart Cookies are such fun to make. They are a great Valentine design to make with kids so long as care is taken with the hot melted chocolate. I do the chocolate dipping and my daughter loves to add on the rainbow sprinkles. Then she'll lick the remainder of the chocolate bowl when we're done! You can stick on small candies or marshmallows or just leave the chocolate as it is. A mixture of dark and white chocolate dipped designs would be yummy. And how about adding some mint flavoring for a truly winning combination?

Yummy Strawberry Jelly Soft Middle

Jelly (jam/preserve) filled heart shaped cookies
Jelly (jam/preserve) filled heart shaped cookies
by Marie Williams Johnstone
Jelly and Jam Fruitiness

My personal favorite are the Jelly Heart Cookies. They look good, are fairly easy to make and they taste divine. If you love sticky, sweet jelly or jam then you will find it hard to stop eating these. What a burst of flavor you get when you pop these cookies in your mouth.

This style of cookie requires some graduated heart cookie cutters. If you don't have those, you could also use a large round cookie cutter and a smaller heart cutter to make the 'window' where the jelly or jam needs to be. So you might well have all the equipment you need already. Have fun baking! I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Enjoy more ideas below.

Chocolate Layered Topping with Sprinkles

Layered Heart Sugar Cookies
Layered Heart Sugar Cookies
Marie Williams Johnstone
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Marie on 04/05/2012

Thanks, Pinkchic18 :) I think the heart cookies could make good wedding cookies too and romantic edibles throughout the year.

Pinkchic18 on 04/02/2012

These are all so cute! I'm so sad that Valentine's day is over :( I'll have to make some of these next year!

Marie on 02/05/2012

Thank you, Katie, that is very kind of you indeed although I really don't use Facebook myself. Not enough time for all these social networks :)

katiem2 on 02/04/2012

BTW, I'm sharing this via my facebook page, friend me sometime I'd love to follow you.

katiem2 on 02/04/2012

We love to bake, my girls are gonna love this page of great ideas. Happy Valentines Day :)

Marie on 01/19/2012

You're so lucky to have that kind of self-control @sheilamarie. I find it hard to look at yummy things and not want to eat them right away :)

sheilamarie on 01/19/2012

Wow, those ice cream sandwich cookies sure look good! I agree with the others here, but I don't think looking at the pictures has added one single calorie to my morning. When I get the urge for something sweet, sometimes just looking can satisfy the urge. (Sort of -- how's that for positive thinking. . . now I think there might be a few crumbs left in the cookie jar. Just let me check. . . .)

Marie on 01/19/2012

Ha ha. It is difficult, especially as I'm having to bake cookies again today for a charity fund-raiser. Thanks for stopping by, @Lissie

Lissie on 01/19/2012

How can you write these pages and not put on weight - I'm sure I just gained a kg just reading it!

Marie on 01/18/2012

That's my last page on cookies for now @Angel! Sorry about that - I find it hard looking at food pics and not getting tempted :)

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