Best Valentine Tablecloths for 2016

by Marie

Valentine Tablecloths are the perfect way to dress up your kitchen or dining table in a fun or romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Cute cloths and covers to suit any budget.

If you love to dress up your home for Valentine's Day or you want to share a cozy meal for two with your loved one, then a Valentine's Tablecloth is a great choice. It doesn't have to be expensive either. A real favorite for the season are the themed Heart Tablecloths which come in a variety of table sizes when you have a look on Amazon.

You can get hold of one-time, plastic Valentine themed table covers at throw-away prices. Or why not go for a classic red tablecloth which you can also make use of over the Christmas and holiday season?

Celebrate Valentine's in Style by Dressing Your Table Well

A plain or classic styled tablecloth is more versatile for other occasions OR have fun and go all out with hearts and kisses!

If you just want a table cover to celebrate the day itself, then you could go for a fun and funky plastic cover which you can use just the one time and then get something completely different for next year. Top Image Credit: Shared with a CC license by sophiea

Pink Valentine Tablecloths

Pink is a pretty and romantic choice for a tablecloth color on Valentine's day. It isn't as dramatic as red but the softer shades make for timeless and elegant cloths and covers which can be used many times throughout the year.

To go for this softer look, you can also place a white lace tablecloth or a white cover in a see-through fabric over a plain red one which means you can simply dress up an existing Christmas tablecloth to get the refined look you're after.

Pretty pink cloths can be dressed up with other soft colors like white or cream. Try adding some ivory color table decorations to make a beautiful and stylish table that you can't wait to dine from. Pale, pastel green also matches perfectly with pink and it would be easy to find napkins and table accessories in this color choice.

Table Fruits of Love

I love the idea of a cherries tablecloth, or even a strawberry themed one for Valentine's day. Fruits like this are the food of love - sweet and juicy. Try dipping some fresh cherries or strawberries into melted chocolate for a romantic, sweet ending to your meal. You can quickly melt cooking chocolate in a microwave with a suitable bowl.

Plastic Valentine Cloths

If you're hosting a Valentine party or event and you need a, no frills and no fuss inexpensive tablecloth which can be quickly disposed of when you're finished, try a plastic tablecover which requires no washing at the end of an evening.

Most plastic tablecloths are ultimately designed and priced for a one-time use but people do also wipe them down and re-use them again. You can also consider using a plastic cloth as a temporary feature to dress-up and cover a fabric tablecloth which you want to keep clean.

Red Valentine Tablecloths

Classic Red Cloths you can use for Other Times of the Year

A red tablecloth or cover is a classic and versatile choice for dressing up your table. Red cloths will work well for Valentine's day, romantic events like Anniversaries and also for Christmas and the holiday season. Buying a red tablecloth means you'll have more than just the one occasion to use it each year.

Red too is a lovely middle ground color which will hide any mishaps or spills with the red wine and also not show stains quite so prominently as a light color cloth would. So it's also a practical choice for your home.

For dressing your table up further, choose colors for placemats, coasters and table accessories that will work well with red but also stand out. Black would make a very bold and dramatic pairing with red. For a soft and romantic theme, add in some ivory white table accessories like candles and a small flower arrangement. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. For and all-out cute and fun Valentine table, pair up pink and red!

Use Heart Confetti

If you only have a plain tablecloth or you want to cut back on your spending for Valentine's Day this year, why not try using Heart Shaped Confetti to dress your table instead?

Confetti is so inexpensive to buy and comes in a large range of styles, sizes and colors too. It will quickly set the theme just by scattering it around your table. For a stylish look, just sprinkle heart confetti around glasses, candles or centerpieces on your table.

Other inexpensive ways to dress your table for Valentine's include making up your own heart-shaped place or name tags if you're feeling crafty. I have a simple Origami Heart Tutorial that you can use to make up your own paper hearts that would look super sweet - you can even pop little love notes inside too!

Your Tablecloth Choice?

What would you choose to dress a Valentine Table?
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You are right @fit2print. And using a good tablecloth will help to create the right scene for Valentine's Day and other occasions. Thanks for stopping by.

Marie on 01/04/2012

Hi Brenda, you are right. 60 and 70 inch, round tablecloths are very hard to find. They do have plain white and cream ones on Amazon. I also managed to find a plain red 70 inch round tablecloth which would be suitable for Valentine's Day and I've added it under the Red Tablecloth section.

BRENDA DODD on 01/04/2012


Marie on 01/03/2012

Yes the vintage tablecloth with hearts is very sweet, thanks Sheila.

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I love the vintage tablecloth at the top of the page. Very pretty!

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Thank you, Bev, for your comment and for stopping by.

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The Happy Heart Swirl is pretty festive and has a retro feel to it. Great job!

Marie on 01/02/2012

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