Vases for Flowers are the Perfect Gift for a Gardener

by Digby_Adams

Here's a beautiful selection of flower vases to showcase your beautiful garden blooms.

We all have those people that we love to death, who are murder to shop for. They have everything, don't need anything, and want you to save your money. Well if these people are gardeners, you're in luck. They love vases for flowers that they grow. Every gardener loves to show off their roses, sunflowers, hydrangeas or zinnias. Quite frankly I have aunts who don't grow a thing. So I buy flowers and put them in a stunning flower vase and they are overjoyed. The beauty of this is that you can find many cheap vases for flowers that look like you spent a small fortune. Trust your eyes to find a beautiful wedding gift or housewarming gift not the price tag. As you can see from the picture below, you can by several similar small vases and create quite a show.

The picture in the upper left-hand corner shows brilliant red rose hips in a white ceramic vase. The photo was taken by Julie on

Find Several Similar Small Vases to Arrange in a Window

White Ceramic Vases Showcase a Variety of Flowers
These Ornate Country Style Vases Put on a Show
These Ornate Country Style Vases Put on a Show

Country Flower Vases

Small Vintage Country Purple Flower Frog Glass Jar Vase 5.5" in

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Decorative Glass Flower Vase Etched Look Shabby Modern Chic F...

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New country glass flower holder vase with metal holder 5 ½”

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Western Cowboy Boot Flower Vase Rustic Country Utensil Holder ...

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I love the long clean lines of a glass cylinder vases. In a pinch I'll also use them as a hurricane candle holder as well. You can certainly put tall and luxurious flowers in them with water. You can also fill them with bolts and screws, if your renovating a house. There's nothing that says bolts and screws have to go in ugly coffee cans. Mostly I tend to think of these as very modern and made solely of crystal. But that isn't always the case. Some Chinese and Japanese artists have created the most beautiful embellished ceramic cylinder vases.

If you aren't using real flowers then you can really let your imagination flow when you fill up a crystal cylinder vase. I love to put red hearts in them at Valentines Day. Pastel balls are perfect for Easter. Any thing green will work for St. Patrick's Day. Of course the vase will be loaded with shamrocks or at least green carnations.

Take a lesson from the picture above and group several cylinder vases together. If you received a large arrangement of flowers that doesn't suit your style, you can separate the flowers into smaller vases and make them fit the scale of your home decor. 

Simple Ceramic Vase with a Floral Design

Dried Berries and Buds
A Ceramic Vase and Dried Flowers Add to Home Decor
A Ceramic Vase and Dried Flowers Add to Home Decor

Simple ceramic vases can fit into any home or business decor. The vase you see above that holds berries and dried flowers is actually part of a fortune telling business. See the cards and crystal orb included in the display. Dried flowers are the perfect way to have a long-standing floral display. There are many different items in the picture above and each one is unique. 

So when you're trying to incorporate flowers into your decor, it's okay to think out of the box. Take items that represent your passions and group them together. Whether you crochet lace doilies or collect antique toy trains, you can add a vase or several vases to your display. 

Adding live or dried flowers gives the space texture and energy. Often they add a natural scent to the area as well. This brings the space to life and adds another dimension. When the flowers are from a personal garden, it's a wonderful conversation starter. 

Ceramic Vases

Small Ancient Ceramic Flower Vases Decorative — HakkaGirl Chinese Oriental Vases for Home Decor 4...

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Hosley's Ceramic Honeycomb Vase - 7.5" High. Ideal for parties, special events, spa and aromatherapy

Hosley's Ceramic Honeycomb Vase. Measures 5.9" x 5.9" x 7.5". For decorative use only. Ideal for parties, special events, spa and aromatherapy.

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Chive - Pooley 2, Ceramic Flower Vase, 8-Tube Shape, Pumpkin Orange with Red and Pink Assortment

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Empty Vases for Flowers Look Wonderful

Imagine if a flower or two was included...
Vibrant Vases Create a Gorgeous Shelf Display
Vibrant Vases Create a Gorgeous Shelf Display

This photograph shows a display at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Proof that a gardener never has to worry about having too many vases. The vases look very artistic just crammed on a shelf. They are ready to be taken down to hold flowers throughout the home. 

Consider this type of display for a mantle or window sill, if you want to add some visual interest.

Updated: 06/21/2014, Digby_Adams
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MonisMas on 07/01/2014

White ceramic vases are very pretty.

KathleenDuffy on 06/24/2014

Love those white ornate vases. Enjoyed your article.

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