Veterans Day Greeting Cards

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Thank a Veteran and show your appreciation of the United States military by sending a member of the US Armed Services one of these customizable greeting cards on Veterans Day.

Veterans Day - November 11 - is a United States holiday set aside to honor our nation’s military veterans. Unlike Memorial Day which honors only those who died serving our country, Veterans Day honors those who served in the past, as well as those currently serving in our military.

Whether or not you agree with what war stands for, be proud of those who are willing to give their lives for our country and our freedom. Without their sacrifice, the United States would not be the free country it is today.

Take the time to say “Thank you” to every Veteran you encounter in your daily lives. And for a more lasting and personal touch, send them one of these customizable cards for Veterans Day. They will appreciate your thanks and your support!

Honor Guard at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery on Veterans Day
Honor Guard at Dallas-Fort Worth Nati...
Country Sunshine

Will you send a card to a Veteran on Veterans Day?

American Flag and Eagle Card

The Bald Eagle is the National Bird of the United States, so it’s fitting to be displayed along with the US flag. The inside of this card reads:

“Land of the Free.
Home of the Brave.
Thank you for your service.”

It is a customizable card so you can add to - or change - the greeting. And because it is available on Zazzle, you can order any quantity you choose.

These simple displays of the United States flag on the front of the card say much more than words.  A symbol of our freedom and what our Veterans have fought and given their lives for. 

Each of these cards can be customized online.  Simply click on the graphic to get started.  For a more personal touch, compose a note in your own handwriting.  It will be greatly appreciated!

American Flag With Heart

While these cards aren’t designed strictly for Veterans Day, they send a powerful message with the United States flag inside a heart.  These are unique cards you can use for any patriotic occasion.

Vintage Veterans Day Cards

I particularly like this card as it displays the United States Constitution with the Flag. The fundamentals of this document is what our military men & women fight for, and we should honor their courage.

Whenever I see the words "Up to, and including my life", tears come to my eyes. My late husband was one of these brave men who volunteered, writing such a check to the United States of America.   While he gave his life for his country, he was proud to do so.  Any US Veteran would be touched to receive this card.

Greeting Card Personalization

If you need an idea of what to write inside your Veterans Day card, here are some suggestions:

  • On this Veterans Day, I pay tribute to you - a hero - who put your life on the line for our Country.  I salute and honor you for your courage and devotion
  • Valor is stability; not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul. -Michel De Montaigne
  • It is easy to take liberty for granted when you have never had it taken from you. -Dick Cheney
  • Thank you for protecting our liberty and freedom
  • A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.
      -J. Campbell

A simple "thank you" is all that is really needed!

Patriotic Postage Stamps

While you can purchase generic United States Flag stamps at the post office, there are a number of patriotic postage stamps available on Zazzle.

The nice things about these stamps is they come in a variety of sizes and quantities, so you can match the stamps to your envelope.

Thank A Veteran

I hope you take the time to honor and thank our Veterans.  They pledge their lives each and every day to protect our country and our freedom.  All it takes is a moment of your time; they do all of the hard work!

From my heart - thank you for your service!

Have you ever thanked a Veteran?

Each time I encounter a military veteran in a public place, I take the time to thank them for their service.  What do you do to thank them?

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