Vicissitudes of Life

by Michael_Koger

Intimate partner violence is a global public health problem.

Those who are victims of domestic violence may require mental health referral as well as financial counseling and other services. Emergency services may also entail medical assessment, shelter, food, transportation, and crisis intervention. It may also be necessary to change locks at the home address or for an automobile.

This poem addresses some of those issues which rape crisis shelters also commonly encounter.

Aspects of Domestic Violence

It starts when you meet someone

And you say it is fun.

It is when you become close

That you like it most.


It is when you both cross the line

That it is not so sublime.

It is when you fight

You remember that night.


It is when he wants birth control

That you have questions of old.

It is when you want protection

To prevent infection.


It is when he hits you

You feel there is not much to do.

It is when he says you do not need school

That you know it is not cool.


It is when he follows you

That is something he should not do.

It is when he gives you mean stares

That you must beware.


It is when he rejects your friends

That you know you cannot bend.

It is when he says you must not work.

Now you know that it will not work.


It is when he says you do not need a doc

And the clock says ticktock.

It is when he says stay home

You know it will make you moan.


It is when he makes all the decisions

That he just does not have precision.

It is when he controls the money

He is not your honey.


It is when he threatens to take the little ones

That time is almost done.

It is when he often criticizes you

That you know what to do.


It is when he shows you a gun

That you know this is no fun.

It is when he abuses the dog

That you are walking in the fog.


It is when he strangles you

That is too much for you to tangle.

It is when he says he will kill himself

That you know to call for help.


It is when illicit drugs are there

That you know it is a scare.

It is when he has found someone new

That you have work to do.


It is when his violence is worse

That you know you should leave first.

It is when his illness you know

That it is time to go.


It is when he gets you fired

That you are growing tired.

It is when he has nothing to lose

That you know you must move.


It is when someone else has it too

There is something you can do.

It is when you get a court order

That you are fixing the disorder.


It is when someone tells you they are a victim

That you believe and stop the affliction.

It is when you tell us the story

That it is not really glory.


And that is what one needs to know

So that he or she may truly grow.

For ‘tis the troubles of love

That you can rise above.


Thank you.


Michael Koger, Sr.



  1. Safe Project. (2019).  Relationship violence.  Retrieved January 21, 2019.


Copyright 2019.  Michael Koger, Sr.

Updated: 01/23/2019, Michael_Koger
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